Atty. Bruce Calls Out Leni Robredo's Daughter In Open Letter For Having 4 Traits That He Hates The Most

This November 18, 2017 marked the 1st year of former president Ferdinand Marcos' burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

To commemorate it, Vice President Leni Robredo's daughter tweeted her displeasure about the burial of Marcos in LNMB.

Because of this tweet, Atty. Bruce Rivera, a known Duterte supporter could not help but call out the Vice Presidential daughter.
Dear Aika, This is meant to dispel and call you out because this is the kind of character I detest in people.
Because according to him, he hates people who are not honest. He mentioned that we all know that LNMB does not only cater to heroes, but also to past presidents and soldiers too.
I hate dishonesty. You and I know that the LNMB, even as the name implied it is not just for heroes. It is for soldiers and past Presidents as well, which, by law are allowed to be buried there. You worked in the DILG so you know how it is when the law provides for it. A Presidential dog was buried there so how in the hell do you afford to feign ignorance. Of course you are not ignorant. You are dishonest. What a way to start a career in public service.
Bruce also added that he hates ingratitude. Bruce thinks that it is quaint that Aika is acting that way when Marcos appointed her grandfather before.

I hate ingratitude. I hate it when people call out the Marcoses and their family took advantage of the Marcos influence. Is it not that your grandfather was appointed judge during the Marcos era? And if he was a dictator as you implied, then you would agree that his appointment was because he “dictated” it and not because of merit. After all, he was the absolute ruler as you claimed. Again, an ingrate wanting a career in public service. How quaint.

The "thief in the night" in what Aika tweeted was from what her mom said before.

I hate a lack of originality. Like a thief in the night? Yo momma said that. Can you not think of something else? Perhaps, like a horny gay man in a secluded park, like a pig in a barrel, like a snake in the river, like a thunder in summer, basta ganun. You are from Harvard while your mom never matriculated there. So. our expectation is that you should be smarter and more creative. Even with an uncranial mother, you have a father who like me, is a Villafuerte. And yes, we have brains. My God!!!

Lastly, Bruce said that he hates it that Aika doesn't seem to have empathy. Bruce mentioned how Imee and Bongbong never tried to dissuade people from calling Aika's dad.

I hate lack of empathy. You have a father whose heroism is in question. The least you can do is be sensitive to Imee and BBM. And there you are, saying that their father is not a hero while brandishing the heroism of your own when what he did for our country was wear slippers to work and managed to die in a plane crash while in office. Marcos served in the army. You may question his medals but he served in the army. Period. And I have not heard the Marcoses unhero-ize your dad.

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Atty. Bruce Calls Out Leni Robredo's Daughter In Open Letter For Having 4 Traits That He Hates The Most Atty. Bruce Calls Out Leni Robredo's Daughter In Open Letter For Having 4 Traits That He Hates The Most Reviewed by Do It Write Solutions on 4:12:00 AM Rating: 5
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