WATCH: TP Nieto's Brilliant Response To Hontiveros "Stop Complaining and Start Listening"


Senator Risa Hontiveros raised a concern about a photo that Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto showing fellow Senator Leila De Lima's past office and making fun on it which he posted on his Facebook page.

In the video, Hontiveros can be heard saying how fake news can lead to threats.
"I would have wanted to raise, Madame Chair, the point that fake news also can lead to threats."
She also added that the photo that was projected earlier of Nieto in front of De Lima's office was plain disrespectful.
"What bloggers like Mr. Nieto did is a demonstration that they want the stature of mainstream media without silimar limitations. I'm very disturbed that a resource person invited by the senate, has disrespected a member of the senate and right at her place of work."
Meanwhile, Senator Grace Poe agreed that it is hurtful for anybody if that was done to their office door, but she also cleared to Hontiveros that as far as she can see, Nieto and his company did not break any laws with what they did.

In sake of fairness, Poe asked for the statement of Nieto about the issue.

Nieto started his statement with political neutrality which according to him was already tackled earlier. He stated that political neutrality is serving fairly regardless of political affiliations. He also added that he is just a consultant and he is not constrained to have political opinions.

He also said that as someone with their own opinions, he can help even Risa Hontiveros even if he doesn't like her.
"I respect you as a senator, Ma'am, but I have my own opinions in life."
He also added that even if he is working for the government, that doesn't stop him or anyone from expressing their own opinion.
 "Being in the government, does not stop anyone, including me, from expressing my own opinion." 
He also stated that as a consultant, he does not have an employer-employee relationship with the senate but that of a client-professional. So that does not include him in government service and he is not a public official.
"So, when I broadcast stuff on my Facebook Page, that is Rey Joseph Nieto speaking as the regular citizen. But when I give advice to the OWWA, then that's when my job kicks in."
Nieto then reiterated that there should no questions whether he should be nicer to people.
"So, as to the question whether I should be nicer to people on my personal blog, I don't think so."
He went on by saying that when he says things about people or politicians, that does not mean they have to listen to it because that is just his personal opinion. But, if the opinion gets traction, then that means a lot of people think the same way or agree with him.
"So, instead of blaming me for what I did, maybe people should start to listen."
Because when a lot of people are starting to say and agree to what he says, then maybe it is time to start listening.
"A lot of people say the same thing that I say, then maybe, you know, it's time to stop complaining and start listening."
Watch the video below:

Here are the photos that Hontiveros was talking about:

Source: Angat Pilipino, TP
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