WATCH: Karen Davila Gets Burned By Atty. Angeles For Saying Mocha Promotes Hate

Veteran TV Host Karen Davila is at it again, her name is once again making headlines as she get burned by a guest. This time she is insisting that Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson is polarizing and promoting hate on social media.

On her ANC show, she invited prominent lawyer and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles to talk about the latest senate hearing about "fake news."

The issue of Mocha having 5 million followers and using it to promote hate was brought up by Davila.

She also quoted Spiderman and said "With graet power comes great responsibilities. 

Angeles answered her calmly saying that anybody who is an influencer are subject to that kind of responsibility. Even elected officials, to which Davila kept on butting in that those are elected officials while Uson was appointed.

"and the difference is what?"

Atty. Angeles went on by saying even U.S. President Donald Trump can garner hate from people if he tweets.

Davila stuck to her side and insisted that Uson is already there and she is moldable, she should be using her influence for the good of the government.

Angeles then said that it was ridiculous for the people to expect Uson to change just because she was appointed. She was appointed to be on her position because of the way she was, and now they suddenly want her to change.

And then came the good part. Atty. Angeles laid it down.

"But, let's talk fake news."

"You want fake news? And this comes from every source. 13,000, where do people get 13,000 EJKs, seriously?"

"We've gone to the Philippine National Police, there are 9,000 incidents of unsolved homicides, so where is the 13,000?"

"13,000 is very specific. EJKs, meaning state-sponsored killings. Where is the evidence that it is the state that is conducting it? We have evidence of homicide but nowhere near the number of 13,000."

"We have drug-related homicides, drug-related killings, and these include stat officials, state agents. Where is the 13,000 coming from? Why aren't we coming down hard on the people who keep on saying 13,000 EJKs? And they go abroad. There's the danger to the national interest, there's the danger to national security, there the danger to public order."

And then she blew the last pounce that totally burned Davila.

"You go after Mocha Uson for a wrong picture, but you are actually quiet about 13,000 deaths."

Sorry Davila, you messed with the wrong person, it seems.

Even the netizens didn't like how Davila kept on insisting her side and not letting Angeles finish.

Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook
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