"The Marawi Crisis Has Shown The President's Brilliant Leadership" - Prosecutor Cañete

For months, the Philippines battled a war in Marawi against terrorists led by the leader of Abu Sayyaf that is based in Basilan and is purportedly the emir of ISIS in Southeast Asia named Isnilon Hapilon, Omar Maute who is one of the leaders behind the Maute Terrorists group, and Malaysian terrorist Mahmud Ahmad who they believe is the financier of the group.

This Monday, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana confirmed in a press conference that an assault by the Philippine troops this morning led to the deaths of Hapilon and Maute.
“So they were able to do it this morning. They were able to get Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute. They were both killed. In fact, their faces are now splashed in the internet. They were also able to recover 17 hostages,”
He mentioned that there are still 20 hostages as of the moment that haven't been saved. So when they asked him if the Martial Law will be lifted, he said that they will assess the situation first.

All throughout the war, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was personally visiting Marawi to give support, mourn for the dead and to personally assess the situation.

The president, according to Lorenzana was supposed to go to Marawi Monday morning, but was adviced by the officials not to because of the plan to attack.
“We were supposed to go to Marawi today with the President but we were advised by ground commanders not to go because they will conduct the assault this morning,”
No president has ever had that kind of care for our country before. That is also what lawyer and known Duterte supporter, Darwin Cañete noticed.

In his Facebook post, he highlighted how different and one of a kind Duterte is to us Filipinos. He mentioned how the president showed brilliant leadership in times of crisis.

Here are his points:
  • He acted like a president. 
  • He listened to his experts. 
  • He contained the rebellion from spreading. 
  • He gave his commanders tactical flexibility. 
  • He gave them unconditional logistical support. 
  • He gave them political cover. 
  • He complied with the law. 
  • He gave them morale boosts and was always on top of the situation WHILE fending off ridiculous grandstanding from the morally bankrupt bonehead stupid critics. 
  • He mourned each and every death. 
  • He gave courage to the wounded.
Do you agree with his points? Because a lot of netizens did, too. Read the post here.

Source: Facebook 
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