Pinoy Ako Blog Caught Lying, Draws Flak Instead Of Sympathy From Last Blog

Yesterday, after the parade of hiding behind a blog to berate the administration, Pinoy Ako Blog revealed that she was indeed Jover Laurio, by posting a blog titled "Ako si PAB, Oh Eh Ano Ngayon?", which by the way was slammed by Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto.

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In the said post, there was a line about Laurio's Mom that she was becoming affected already. There's nothing wrong with that.


Blogger and social media influencer and known friend of TP, discovered something fishy about PAB's sentiments. Aside from the fact that it looks scripted, she found proof that it is sketchy.

Last June 3, 2013, PAB published a blog, putting the 13 year old presidential daughter Kitty Duterte in a hotseat. Apparently, in her Facebook wall, somebody called her Mom Honeylet a whore that angered Kitty and made her spat angry words.

To which the allegedly "so-called professional" blogger, PAB published an open letter directed at Kitty, she captioned it with "Dear Kitty Duterte, Mas gugustuhin mong matawag na "Kitty, the Miss Congeniality" rather than "Kitty, the Miss Profanity", right?"

In the comment section of the said post, a certain netizen named Limuel Balana lashed back at PAB, saying "sabihan kang puta nanay mo, di ka magagalit, gago ka pala!"

To which PAB replied the following:
"Una hindi puta ang Nanay ko, nasa langit na po sya. She died when I was 10. Pangalawa kung sakaling buhay siya at sabihan ako ng ganyan, and I'm still 13 years old, isusumbong ko kayo sa Nanay ko. Hindi ako makikipagmurahan sa yo, kasi ganun ang tamang pagpapalaki sa akin."

So, what's the truth? Does she have a Mom or not? Regardless, she was still caught in between two contradicting statements, that Sassot couldn't help but notice.

The netizens were quick to share and comment. Some said that she is just using her Mom to gain sympathy from her readers.

One also reminded her that she has to accept the responsibilities from the actions that she took.

Source: Angat Pilipino, Facebook
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