Woman Who Was Allegedly Disrespected By Ambulance Driver With Dying Patient Gets Bashed By Netizens


We have the worse case of traffic here in the Philippines. What is worst is that some Filipinos are so entitled that they think they always have the right of way, even if they don't.

Some people think that if they had to go somewhere, then everybody else has to bend over to let them pass. Sorry to burst you bubbles, but that is not the case.

Here is what is written in our law.
REPUBLIC ACT No. 4136ARTICLE VMiscellaneous Traffic Rules
Section 49. Right of way for police and other emergency vehicles. - Upon the approach of any police or fire department vehicle, or of an ambulance giving audible signal, the driver of every other vehicle shall immediately drive the same to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right-hand edge or curb of the highway, clear of any intersection of highways, and shall stop and remain in such position, unless otherwise directed by a peace officer, until such vehicle shall have passed.

Furthermore, according to a website called Driving Law Philippines, these are those who has the right of way.
Who has the right of way?– In intersections: those already inside the intersection– In intersections: if 2 of you approach the intersection, the 1 at the right has the right of way– In rotondas:  those already going around the rotonda– Pedestrians crossing at crosswalk– Ambulance, police cars, fire department vehicles.
It is very clear that ambulances, police cars and fire department vehicles always have the right of way. All vehicles should slow down or yield to give way to ambulances, police cars and firetrucks.
Give the Right-of-Way to Emergency Vehicles sounding a siren or bell or flashing a red light by pulling to the edge of the roadway and stopping. In the event traffic is so congested as to prevent you from safely doing so, slow down and leave a clear path for the emergency vehicles.
This is what is wrong with the Philippines, some people think they are above the law and are always thinking that they are right. Take this woman here in the viral video circulating in Facebook now.

This woman allegedly didn't want to give way to the ambulance and was supposed to overtake the ambulance when the driver pointed at her car. He pointed at her car to let her know that she should give way.

The woman reportedly waited for the driver to reprimand him for pointing his finger at her face disrespectfully.

The driver's defense is that he was stressed and that he only pointed at her car to signal her not to overtake. The driver was bringing a patient who was 50-50, thus, he had to reach the emergency room immediately.

But the woman is not taking it. She was still insisting that the driver was disrespectful. She wanted to report the driver to the admin, she was asking for the driver's name but he didn't give it to her.

She then wanted to take a picture of the drive but he declined, he said he can take a photo of the ambulance, however.

Watch the video below.

The netizens were not taking it. Here are some of their comments:

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