Saab Magalona to President Duterte: "Lahat nalang joke. Kadiri."


What started as a one-worded-tweet tirade of actress Saab Magalona against the current administration's war on drugs and to President Duterte himself resulted in a series of tweets ending in her saying that Duterte is disgusting and irritating.

It started with this tweet. She posted photos from screenshots of headlines. The first one was the statement of Chief PNP Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa that Duterte never told them to kill people. The next photos were headlines about Duterte saying the other hand.


It's important to know that the screenshots of headlines she posted were from the mainstream media. Aren't the traditional media biased and used to twisting words to make Duterte and the administration look bad?

This is exactly what @kimpinocchio said which Saab didn't answer.

And another one saying that the statements were captured on video but then it was twisted by the media.

What irked Saab was the comment made by @PawieSharpei who reiterated that the fourth pic in her screenshots said that what the President said "was likely in jest." She posted another tweet saying how God should give her strength as she was getting irritated with Duterte "fanatics."

As a follow up to the above tweet, she said how disgusting it is that everything is being turned into jokes.

What can you say about Saab?

I, for one, want to tell her that her sources are mainstream media, we better not pour all our emotion when basing something that the mainstream media says.

If she is like what the other comments say is smart and is analyzing the situation, then she should know that she is being manipulated by the mainstream media and there she is, getting irritated.

Source: Twitter
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