Risa Hontiveros And Bam Aquino, Named By Cynthia Villar As Those Who Are Out To Destroy The Senate


This Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Silent No More PH blog release an article about what they called Malacanang Dogs in the Senate.

In the blog, it was said that among all the senators, 7 allegedly refused to sign a senate resolution that was introduced to call the government to stop the killings of minors, seek an investigation in order to determine if there are any "institutional reasons" that gave rise to the killing.

According to the blog, 7 senators "refused" to sign the resolution to hold the government accountable. It even said, remember then and don't forget their names. Here are the names that the blog mentioned:

Koko Pimentel – Reduced to nothing but a mouthpiece of the administration. The son who’s a disappointment to his father.Tito Sotto – The rapist, plagiarist, and bigot who called all single mothers as good for nothing but accidental whores.Dick Gordon – Red Cross’ photo-ops king, all-bark-no-bite lapdog of the administration. Remember him for closing down the BoC investigation and absolving Paolo Duterte of his sins to the nation.Cynthia Villar – The business tycoon who showered PDP-Laban millions during the elections in exchange for his son heading the DPWH and make the family business prosper.Migs Zubiri – The hypocrite election cheater. Delivered a speech condemning the death of Horacio Castillo, but does not want accountability to almost 50 innocent children dying in the administration’s brutal war against the poor.Gringo Honasan – Deflected from the Marcos administration only when millions of people were already rallying on the streets, and key coup plotter and destabilizer to the administration after the martial law.Manny Pacquiao – The bigot, the liar, the addict-turned-good-person-but-does-not-believe—other-addicts-can-change, the womanizer, the ignorant, the most incompetent person in the senate.
As a response to this allegation, Senator Cynthia Villar said she did not refuse to sign, because she did not even see the resolution.
"I just want to make a manifestation that I, together with the other senators were not asked to sign. We did not refuse to sign, we were not asked to sign."
She also added that she remembered some time back that there were social media blogs who told her to be careful because two senators were out to destroy the senate. She also said that she kept quiet because she did not believe it.
"I remember there were social media practitioners, who told me before, that I should be careful because certain members of this senate will try to destroy us. I kept quiet because I did not believe it. Now, maybe this is the beginning of that warning."
She then came back to the mic and repeated the information, but this time naming Senators Risa Hontiveros and Bam Aquino. She reiterated that she did not believe it, but when she saw Silent No More's blog, she said she thinks this is the beginning.

Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook
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