Online Petition calls to immediately remove Senator Trillanes from the Senate


During the recent intense altercation between senators Richard ‘Dick” Gordon and Antonio ‘Sonny” Trillanes IV, the two traded some very memorable insults that certainly brought color to the otherwise drab senate hearing despite the fact that it did interrupt  the BOC probe.

Senator Gordon, for example, said of Trillanes, “The trouble with this gentleman is every time he doesn’t like it, he will conduct a coup and then he will be forgiven and he will conduct another coup and then he’s forgiven again”. To this the latter called the veteran senator pathetic for supposedly having barricaded Subic in order to hold on to his position.

In the midst of this, Gordon threatened to personally file an ethics committee case against the younger senator, to which Trillanes retorted, “Please do so. I welcome that”.

Well, it seems Sen. Trillanes may finally get what he asked for.

Sen. Gordon recently released a formal statement declaring his intention to personally file the aforementioned case.

Here is a copy of Gordon’s statement:

“I am filing an ethics complaint against Sen. Trillanes for his disorderly behavior and for his improper language. I have to defend the honor and dignity, not only of the Senate, but of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee as well. The reputation and dignity of the Senate is primordial and the preservation of the Senate’s honor was what I tried to uphold by trying to rein him in and maintain an orderly proceeding. I will not countenance disorder.

A senator is supposed to act in a most cordial and the most gentlemanly manner that is why we refer to one another as the Gentleman from Olongapo, Bicol, and so on and so forth. But Sen. Trillanes has been consistently displaying acts that are unbecoming of a member of this august chamber. Whenever he fails to get what he wants, he would accuse everyone of being in a conspiracy against him. Then he would make all kinds of accusations or allegations about those who went against him to discredit them. The first time that a similar circumstance arose, I forgave him after he went to my office to apologize. But now the time for talking is over.

As Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee, it is my duty not to allow its investigations to be turned into fishing expeditions for the pursuit of a personal agenda. My apologies for losing my temper but it was hard to maintain it given such a blatant display of intransigence.”

In relation to this, the people behind the website had put up a petition on urging Senator Gordon to push through with the ethics case against Trillanes who has previously gotten away a lot of times with mouthing off unfounded accusations based on mere hearsay and with little to no evidence at all.

Below is Minda Nation’s request:

Antonio Trillanes' obsession with President Rodrigo Duterte and his family needs to be stopped as it is already interfering with the vital work of the senate. The whole nation is now being held hostage by one man's megalomaniacal delusions. Trillanes is a menace to society. How long will the senate allow him to drag the institution through the mud just to satisfy his personal vendetta.

Sen. Richard Gordon has said that he will file a complaint against Trillanes before the Senate Ethics Committee and move for his expulsion.

We now urge the good Senator to make good on his threat, and do the entire nation a public service by removing Trillanes from the Senate in the same manner he left the Armed Forces of the Philippines- in utter disgrace.

As of this writing, Minda Nation’s petition only lacks 2,010 more supporters in order to be in effect.

If you’re tired of Trillanes as well and if you agree with Minda Nation’s sentiments, you can click here and sign the petition in support of their request.

Source: Mindavote,
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