MUST READ: Trillanes' Waivers To AMLC Is Worthless - Just PR Stunt


A few days ago, photos of proof that Senator Antonio Trillanes has several foreign bank accounts surfaces. One concerned depositor even deposited $50 on each of the said bank accounts and it turned out, majority were positive and only two were inactive.

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Following that controversy, Trillanes felt that he should act fast, hence everything that he has been working hard for to make Duterte fall will be in vain. So he "signed" several waivers. 12 of them to be exact, all addressed to the AMLC and the Ombudsman, stating that he has nothing to hide and that the bank accounts are subject to public scrutiny.

He even dared the president to do the same.
"Twelve ito lahat. So, ito na, just to show wala ako tinatago, ito ay open for scrutiny. Nasa kamay na ng AMLC. Ngayon, ako naman ibabalik ko kay Duterte 'yung hamon. Naparatang ka sa akin, pumirma ako ng waiver. Nagparatang ako sa 'yo isang taon mahigit na, iniiba mo usapan."
Just when he thinks everything is ok, and he is about to relax, here comes the truth biting him in his tail. So apparently, the AMLC doesn't even have jurisdiction on other banks. They can investigate banks here in the Philippines but never banks outside the country.
AMLC has no authority over foreign banks for the benefit of Filipinos who continue to be morons who believe in Trillanes. The AMLC only has jurisdiction over Philippine banks. His waivers have no effect whatsoever on his overseas bank accounts.As my grandfather used to say "usa tu cerebro primero antes de abrir la boca." (Use your brain first before opening your mouth.)

Netizens were quick to react to what Trillanes is doing.

How about you? What are your thoughts on this?

Source: RG San Luis
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