Krizette Chu Explains Why Trillanes Is Being Aggresive, Reminds Him Of His Deadline


Remember Senator Antonio Trillanes' BBC interview? The one where he lowered the whole Philippines as a nation for his own personal gain?

Well, during that interview, the senator may have dropped some huge commitments that are starting to be hazy now.

In the said interview, he said that by December, he is confident that President Duterte's popularity ratings will drop to 50 by December.

But as fate had it, Duterte is still on top and it is already September. That means, Trillanes and his cronies only have less than 3 months to do their plans.

Pity they don't realize that when you have a genuinely caring president, their efforts of killing the innocent, pinpointing the presidential son, and all their tirades to attempt to bring Duterte down is not working. And it is never going to work.

Moreover, Krizette Laureta Chua, a known supporter of Duterte reminded Trillanes of the deadline that he supposedly was confident about.

In her Facebook post that already garnered almost 900 shares in less than 24 hours, she told the LP to do a triple time on their efforts.

Bat kayo nagtataka na maraming naglalabasang "issue" tungkol kay Duterte ngayon?
Biglang pagkasunod sunod na pagkamatay ng mga binatilyo, yung iba walang kinalaman sa drugs.
May shabu shipment daw si Paolo Duterte, etc.
Huwag kalimutan may December deadline si Antonio Trillanes gawing below 50 percent ang 80 percent approval ng Presidente. Matagal din siyang quiet at nawala, remember?
Sa mga nawawalan ng pag asa, o napapaniwala, sana maisip ninyo, na kung hindi ito lumabas nung election na hawak nila ang intelligence at departments, ngayon pa.
Sobrang bait lang talaga ni Duterte hinahayaan niya ito. And we did go through a bad administration that didn't care for its people, and whatever they lobby against Duterte, they cannot change the fact, because there are many Duterte stories, that this is the only President who cares and listens to his people.
Ber months na, triple time na ang LP.

What can you say about this? With all the improvements like free hospitalization and tuition, and other changes we encountered, I doubt Trillanes and the LP will have their last say here. People will continue to love Duterte because of the genuine care he shows.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu
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