Is Trillanes The Real Member Of The Triad? - Former Undersecretary


After the senate hearing on September 8, where Senator Antonio Trillanes insisted on his allegations that Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is a member of the international crime syndicate, Triad.

For those who weren't able to watch the hearing, Trillanes threw allegations on Paolo Duterte that he is a member of the Triad. Trillanes based his accusations on the fact that Paolo has a dragon tattoo on his back, which, according to Trillanes, proves his membership.

Paolo Duterte did admit that he has a tattoo but said that he will not answer questions regarding it. He said he is invoking his right to privacy. He also said that he cannot answer allegations based on hearsay.

Meanwhile, former Undersecretary for Special Concerns Abraham "Abe" Purungganan, who is a vocal critic of President Duterte answered the accusations of Trillanes. He said that Trillanes must be the member himself for knowing that information.

Trillanes was caught saying in the hearing that he has been given a tip by "foreign intelligence" that Paolo Duterte is a member and that the proof is his tattoo on his back.

According to Purungganan, if the information did come from a foreign intelligence, the question should is, if it came from a foreign agency. If that is the case, then Trillanes couldn't have access to that information as it will be classified, unless of course, he is also a member.

Purungganan said that Trillanes could have lied just to shame the Duterte family, but he can also be a Triad member for knowing that information.

"Now, if it is not from the foreign intelligence services or law enforcement units, that information could have come from the Triad. If it is from the Triad, is Trillanes connected with the Triad to have access to such information? And why is a Philippine senator talking to Chinese mafia called the Triad? Is he working with the Triad, drug syndicates $ narco politicians / generals to remove President Duterte from office? If this is so, then he is a protector playing the deception game. So, he lied again."
Trillanes had 16 unofficial trips to China, if he is a member or if he is connected, that would be "enough for the Chinese intelligence or PLA or the Triad to conduct a recruitment operation on Trillanes."

He also said that when he was with the Center of Transitional Crimes, the global operation of the said Chinese triad was one of those they conducted studies on.

"One of the things that I was particular about was the cooperation of the Triad by the PLA. This was a forceful and coercive way for Beijing to assert its influence over the Chinese communities around the world. This was part of China's 10-year strategic plan to establish regional hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region. That was 16 years ago. They might have total control now of Triad."
To end it, he added that if Trillanes was indeed connected with the triad, then he is being used to go against the Duterte administration.

"This is a very serious matter of national security and it has far-reaching political and economic implications."
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