Is He Gay? Paolo Duterte's Camp Hits Trillanes Over Tattoo Inquiry


Following the appearance of Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte on the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the entry of P6.4 billion shabu shipment that allegedly exposed the corruption of BOC, Senator Trillanes pestered the Vice Mayor about showing his dragon tattoo on his back. Trillanes is insisting that the existence of the tattoo on Duterte's back is a clear significance that he is a member of the triad, an international crime syndicate.

In response to that, Paolo Duterte's lawyer questioned the personality of Trillanes because of his insistence to see Paolo's tattoo. He asked whether Trillanes was gay for wanting to see Paolo's body so much.
"Why does he want to see my client's tattoo? Is he gay? If he's gay, I may have allowed him to see it,"
Madrid told the media that he advised Paolo to decline Trillanes' request as the tattoo is not related to the subject of the almost 4 hours meeting.

The lawyer also added that he won't allow his client to be gullible and humiliated under such circumstances.
"My client refuses to be an "uto-uto" (gullible)... I will not allow my client to be humiliated under such a silly circumstance," 
"We do not want to dignify Trillanes' accusations and fishing expedition. The issue discussed in the committee is not [the] existence of the tattoo,"
 Madrid clarified that he neither confirmed nor denied if the Vice Mayor's tattoo is indeed a colored dragon that was the mark of the triad.
"A tattoo is a very private matter. I won't ask my client to show it to me unless I'm gay and I want to see his body, a tattoo is a fad, even celebrities from Hollywood have it... He was good enough to admit he has a tattoo because he was a young lad na nadadala sa uso-uso. But to say that he is a member of a triad is too much."
 Madrid also reiterated that Trillanes is just going after President Duterte's weakest link, which is his son, in order to destabilize the administration.
"He's just going after the President's weakest link, which is his son,"

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Source: News5, ABS-CBN News
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