WATCH: Erwin Tulfo Fires Back At Trillanes: "Ikaw Ang Ama Ng Fake News"


In a presscon yesterday, September 11, 2017, Senator Antonio Trillanes said that he will file cases against Erwin Tulfo, Mocha Uson and Ben Tesiorna, who according to him were the roots of the fake news circulating about him.
"Kaya nga within the next few days I will file a case against itong si Mr. Erwin Tulfo, si Ms. Mocha Uson at itong si Mr. Ben Tesiorna. Kakasuhan ko sila ng libel. Hindi na pupwede yung fake news. The era of fake news is over."
With this, Tulfo released his side on his Facebook Page where he fired back at Trillanes. According to Tulfo, what he reported was not fake news and that it is Trillanes' right to file a case against him no matter which court he chooses to. The media can also treat his live video as his official statement, according to Tulfo.

He even added that in reality, Trillanes was the real King of Fake News. He warned the senator that not everybody who is listening to him are stupid.

Then he asked the audience, has there been a government official who admitted that they have an offshore account? None, right? He went on and narrated all the fake news Trillanes started.

First, he mentioned that during the 2016 elections, Trillanes fired at Duterte for having billions in the alleged account in BPI. BPI themselves proved that there is no such account with billions owned by Duterte.

Second, when he fired that allegation, he said that if he was wrong he will resign as a senator. But Tulfo said, BPI already said their statement and yet Trillanes is still seated. Trillanes only fooled the people and threw the "fake news" allegations to BPI.

Third, Trillanes brought fake witnesses in the senate to prove the killings in Davao. But the witnesses were not credible according to the committee themselves.

Fourth, Trillanes is nor targeting the presidential son and son-in-law for being connected to illegal drugs. The source that Trillanes took the information from is Mark Taguba who admitted to the issue being just a "hearsay."

Tulfo ended his video with his statement that in reality, Trillanes is the source of fake news. And he was wondering why Trillanes is even bothering to file libel cases when there is nothing to ruin about him anymore. He said Trillanes didn't have any dignity anymore because of the fake news he spread.
"Ano pang sisirain sa'yo? Eh ang tingin ng kababayan natin sa'yo eh sira na talaga ang puri mo. Ang credibility mo, in question."
You can watch the whole video here:

Source: Erwin Tulfo
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