Enchong Dee: "I Will Continue To Uplift Filipino Dignity Because Politicians Are Useless"


Kapamilya young actor Enchong Dee is one of the celebrities who couldn't help but express his dismay about the news that the Congress voted yes in the notion to give Commission on Human Rights only P1000 budget for 2018.

For 2018, 119 voted for yes, and only 32 voted no for the proposed budget for CHR to be P1000 only.

On Tuesday, Enchong Dee voiced out through his Twitter. He called politicians useless, while saying that he will continue to love his country even if he has no position in the government.
"I will continue to love my country despite of this government.
I will continue to be of service to my countrymen despite having no position in the government.
I will continue to uplift Filipino dignity because politicians are useless."
He finished it off with his hashtag #AkoLangTo to air out that this is only his opinion.

After getting some negative comments on his post, the actor tweeted another message to the government as if already giving up with his opinion.
"I will try to stop ranting about this government coz I'm not being heard anyways, I will focus on the good because we need more of it today."
This tweet of Dee garnered some positive "pat on the back" from people who shared his opinion.

Meanwhile, a Duterte supporter contradicted the actor on his first post, resulting to Dee calling the netizen "small minded."

The netizen apparently told Dee to just leave the country if he is not happy with the government, the netizen also mentioned that Dee being a Robredo follower, naturally would feel that way.
"Pede ka naman po umalis ng Pinas kung di mo nakikita yung magandang ginagawa ng gobyerno ngayon. Porket may utang na loob ka sa mga Robredo. Hmmm.. don't us."
As a response, Dee tweeted:
"And then there are those who are small minded... Nevermind... not worthy of my time???????????"
In yet another tweet, this time tweeted this Wednesday, September 13, Dee retweeted the photos of the politicians who said yes to the P1000 budget for CHR. He captioned it with:
"Philippine Politicians should be given Best actor and Best Actress awards."
Among the other celebrities who also voiced out their angers are Bianca Gonzales, Dingdong Dantes and the young politician Vico Sotto.

On the other hand, there are other celebrities who voiced our their agreement on the P1000 budget like Beverly Salviejo.

Furthermore, there are also personal stories of ordinary people that are surfacing now sharing how the CHR was biased and how it is only fair that they don't get a budget.

Source: PEP
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