Debunked: Duterte's Critics Got A Taste Of Their Own Medicine When Their Fake News Were Shoved Back To Faces


Last September 22, 2017, Interaksyon released an article titled 'WORST YET TO COME' | Opposition aghast as PH ranks 'worst' in impunity index. It was written by Lira Dalangin-Fernandez.

In the article, she talked about how the Philippines ranked as No.1 in the list of countries with worst impunity. She also explained how the impunity factor was computed.
It measured impunity using two factors.
The second factor was the structural capacity of the justice systems with indicators such as the number of cops or judges per 100,000 of the population and the number of prisoners compared to the overall jail capacity.
The measuring range is 0-100 where zero means inexistent impunity while 100 means the highest level of impunity.
The study said the Philippines has problems in both functional and structural dimensions. First was the functionality of security, justice systems and the protection of human rights, which was scored according to indicators such as the percentage of individuals detained without judgment and the ratio of prosecutors to individuals brought before courts.
On the other hand, ABS-CBN also release a similar article, the title is "Philippines has worst impunity in the world: study." This one was written by RG Cruz. He said in the article that organized crimes and Islamic State-inspired militants were to blame.
The Philippines has the worst level of impunity in the world due to threats of organized crime and Islamic State-inspired militants, a global study showed.The 2017 Global Impunity Index released by the University of the Americas Puebla in Mexico showed that the Philippines had the highest level of impunity among 69 countries, with a score of 75.6.
The said story was then shared by known Duterte detractor, Representative Gary C. Alejano with a sarcastic caption.

As karma would have it, the fact that these people and network were so keen on spreading negative news against President Duterte had their tactics spring back on their faces.

It turned out, the study that these posts were talking about was taken on 2014. Duterte was not yet the president then, it was still in former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino's term. So clever tactics that they thought they were firing, went back to them.

Here are some comments on Alejano's post about the matter.

Meanwhile Darwin Canete, a known supporter of President Duterte and friend of another known supporter, Atty. Bruce Rivera, posted a series of posts regarding the failure that these detractors' fake news reported.

He followed it up by posting the footnote that these detractors seemed to forget to mention.

He even suggested a revised headline for their sake.

Lastly, he said he knew the headlines were fake because of the Rohingya Muslim massacre.

What can you say about this? Doesn't this prove the Yellow's black propaganda?

Source: Darwin CaƱete, Gary Alejano, Udlap
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