Angry Human Rights Activist Reveals CHR Gascon and Senator Lacson's True Colors


When the news surfaced that the CHR is going to get only P1000 for their 2018 budget, several people got angry they voiced out their concerns about the way the government is unfair.

But there are also some who are surfacing now that believe that the CHR is not doing their job and that they are unfair and choosy to those whom they will help.

Personal stories are being posted on Facebook saying how their experiences prove how unfair CHR is/was.

Here is the latest from Lourdes De Las Cagigas, who send this to Jenifer Aquino for her to post.

According to her, let CHR Chief Gascon personally talk to her. She said she had filed several CHR cases for illegal detentions, warrantless arrests, and no due process of the detainees, but never did the CHR do anything about it even once.

She also called out Senator Panfilo Lacson that if he ever tries to intervene, she will remind him of a wife of a detainee they illegally detained whose rights were violated. The poor wife had to endure strip searches every time they visit, a strip search and not an ordinary body search.

Tragedy strikes when the the same woman's minor child contracted meningitis and their bill went up to 3.2 million pesos. They can't pay it since the father of the child was illegally detained. Lourdes went to the CHR and Lacson's office to appeal but they turned deaf ears.
So they do deserve the 1k budget . If Senator Lacson tries to overturn it, let me remind him that a wife of a detainee, illegally detained , whose rights & that of her children are continually violated when they have to undergo a STRIP SEARCH , mind you a strip search not a body search every time they visit their loved one went personally to appeal to him in his office, he did nothing, never even investigated.... ngayon sya pa ang magdedefend sa CHR... taengna nya! When the same woman's minor child contracted meningitis & incurred a 3.2 m peso hospital bill & couldn't pay because her husband is illegally detained again she appealed to the office of Sen. Lacson because the hospital was keeping him hostage & refused to release him without payment.... AGAIN HE DID NOTHING, CHR DID NOTHING.
On top of that, she also stated that the PNP did a "Christmas shopping" when they raided the detention facility. Meaning, they took all the belongings of the detainees including cash, cellphones, and anything of value that they can find.

When a warden tried to return some stuff, the warden got fired instead.

When the PNP raided the detention facility last 2016,(did their christmas shopping) confiscated cash , cell phones, computers & other personal belongings of detainees (no contraband was found) again i filed a complain to the CHR, nothing, we appealed to media, nothing.Only the warden at that time moved to secure the "confiscated" items back from the raiding team , he succeeded in getting back some of the items but not all & definitely no cash... & what did he get for being upright? The gratitude of the detainees & he was removed from his position as warden by Commissioner Morente!

If we will go back to the REASON of CHR why they are concentrating on the human rights of the criminals now that Duterte is president, we will find contradictions.

They said they do not protect the human rights of the rape and murder victims because it is not their mandate, according to them, they can only intervene if the GOVERNMENT itself did the unfair thing.

So, basing it on their reason, where were they when these PNP did their so-called "Christmas shopping?" Where were they when people of power illegally detained some helpless people? Where were they when women were being violated by people of power?

Let's see CHR defend themselves from this.

Meanwhile, here is the whole post:

Source: Jenifer Aquino 
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