Davaoeña blasts LP: 16 million Filipinos will defend President Duterte against you


Young people comprise the majority of netizens here in the Philippines and yet their voices are more often than not muted or at the very least toned down in a culture that dictates that only the voices of the elders should be heard, regardless of whether those elders’ and seniors’ voices ring hollow and untrue.

And yet, according to statistics, what comprised most of the 16 million Filipinos who voted President Rodrigo R. Duterte into office? You guessed it. Young people.

For the most part, they are the ones who grew up experiencing exactly how rotten our government system is, and the same ones who first recognized the need for change.

Duterte, true to form, is making that change happen right now.

Change is oftentimes a painful process though, and as such, as the president made bold moves to rehabilitate this ailing country, stepping on a lot of big feet has been unavoidable, causing Duterte to gain lots of enemies, detractors, critics and influential people whose ultimate goal became to bring him down and prevent him from his patriotic goals towards the Philippines and its people.

The Liberal Party (LP) so far has been the most vocal of these critics and detractors. Some of whom, like the tenacious Sen. Antonio Trillanes -who has been proven an expert in putting himself in embarrassing situations, have even made moves to kick Duterte out of the presidential seat.

Well, the youth will be heard. One of these, Pamela Saavedra from Davao, made a status post against LP defending President Duterte, and it turned out to be solid gold!

In her Facebook status posted yesterday entitled ADAMANT, Saavedra made several bold statements hidden is anecdotes related to video games and movies to illustrate Duterte fight against drugs and criminality.

In the midst of all these though, Pamela made some very hard-hitting additions. For example, asked the readers to imagine being a girl of sixteen, from a poor family, who gets raped on her way home from school.

“Crimes like this can happen to anyone at any time. You learn that the root of the problem is not just the criminal, but also the pusher, the drug lord, and can even be traced to the Mayor and his daughter who constantly flaunts her newly bought Hermes bags. The situation in the Philippines has become this uncontrollable that news about children who haven't even aged a year were raped by their uncles have become so common. You want to seek justice but you cannot. Apparently the police, prosecutors and judges are owned by the drug lords and the politicians.”

After this, she added how change had finally come in 2016, when the people took the power back through the use of their pens and ballots.

“But perhaps it was divine intervention that just two years ago, a loud noise echoed throughout the nation. People started begging for this man from the south to run for the highest seat of the land. A living, real-life Punisher who is feared by the criminals in his own city. Suddenly, there was hope. We had to put this man in power.” This in is obvious reference to President Rodrigo Duterte Himself.

In reference to the Liberal Party, Saavedra said, “You had your time, 30 years in power, two presidencies and what have you done to our beloved motherland? "Malayo napo ang ating narating. Patuloy po nating tahakin ang Daang Matuwid." That is how you brainwashed the people. You had no idea what was going on because you were in the comfort of your gated communities while we, here in the bottom, are fighting for our lives every day.”

She saved the best for last though.

“You tell him to stop the killings? Stop the war on drugs? No. You don't deal with him. You deal with us. It's not him who placed himself in that seat of power. It's us! Give us that drama again, that mock sympathy and let's see who believes in that shit. Convince us first that this was all wrong. Demonize him, oust him, plot a coup - we don't care. Unleash your EDSA rally and we will defend him 16-million fold and more.”

And it’s true. What does LP think those 16 million people who out Duterte in his seat are? Chopped liver? No. The same Filipino people who voted Duterte as president all have his back and will always rise to his defense.

Well played, Pamela!

Source: Pamela Saavedra
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