These never before heard facts about PCI Jovie Espenido will make you love him even more


PCI Jovie Espenido has been hailed as the Philippine National Police’s biggest asset when it comes to the war on drugs because of his numerous anti-narcotics achievements.

The Ozamiz drug bust is largely credited to his tactics and efforts and, as a matter of fact, Espenido is the country’s Most Requested Cop as surveys show that people from all over the Philippines have requested to have him transferred to their own cities and provinces.
But, outside of the limelight and the controversies, who exactly is Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido?

The blog WriteRight recently got hold of a person who wanted to be known only by the initials RDA, apparently a close friend of the now-famous chief inspector. According to the blog post, RDA only wants to reveal the REAL Jovie Espenido who, despite risking his life in line with work in the name of justice, continues to be ridiculed and false accused by skeptics.

He starts off by describing the chief Inspector’s humble lifestyle.

According to him, Espenido’s house only has a 4-meter-wide receiving area, and one 14-inch tube TV long defunct for acting up. Their dining table seats only 4, so at least one family member has had to either literally stand or cramp one part of the table during meals. Not really new to Filipino households, right? But remember, he is already a chief inspector, and a famous one at that.

Espenido’s rides are what RDM refers to as ‘dunot nga XRM’ and and L300 van that not even his friends would dare to drive “kay kagang-kagang na.” (Because it’s old and decrepit.)

His family owns a small sari-sari store. RDA also reveals that PCI Espenido is a strict vegetarian and enjoys adobong kangkong, bigas na mais, and sinabawang gulay.

Popularly known as the supercop, his strong principles had him butting head with influential figures and narcopoliticians alike, which rallied against his promotions and awards. He remained PO1 for 12 years, not being promoted despite garnering 83 commendation awards during the said period.
He has an impressive list of arrests and is directly responsible for purging his area from illegal gambling, sabong or cock-fighting, and from people drinking alcohol and creating disturbances at night.

Whenever he receives monetary compensation, RDA relates, PCI Jovie Espenido evenly distributes it to his team. Mabuting kaibigan, masamang kaaway ika nga. His stern expression, according to the reliable source, belies his sense of humor, one so subtle that only true Bisdaks can grasp it.

More importantly, RDA reveals that Espenido has absolutely no fear except for one: GOD. You’d be surprised to know that, aside from being a police officer, he is also an active Bible evangelist. One of his sanctions to petty crimes (e.g. driving without a helmet, no vehicle registration plates) is having the perpetrator memorize the Ten Commandments instead of paying fines.

He believes that through this simple act, people will learn to be more morally responsible and become better law-abiding citizens. He also believes that involvement in illegal drugs is one of the roots of the evils in the society. That is his pet peeve. Whenever he has a major police operation that poses great risks for his and his men’s lives, he goes fasting for several days, reads his Bible and sneaks to the church at night and asks for the divine guidance for a couple of hours in the dark.WriteRight

Now, honestly, what’s there not to love?

RDA concludes his statements with this:

To Sir Jovie and your men, the only ammunition and protection we can offer you are our earnest prayers. Thank you for reviving the once-lost faith the Filipinos have for our policemen. From us Filipinos in and outside the country who greatly believe in you, our snappiest salute to all of you! Mabuhay po kayo! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!        
And a P.S.

“Kung ayaw nyo kay Espenido, please lang ibalik nyo sya dito sa Leyte, dito sa Isabel, ang bayan na tapat at tanging naniniwala sa kanya. Hanggang ngayon hinihintay namin ang pagbabalik ng aming bayani at tagapagtanggol. “

You really have to wonder how awesome a guy should be to have people like this RDA willing to come forward with a statement like this.

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Source: WriteRight
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