VIRAL: Cop Who Shot Kian Delos Santos, A Dilawan Supporter?


Isn’t it a shame when unscrupulous politicians would sacrifice everything including lives and even the reputation of our beloved country just to benefit their own sinister agendas?

The death of Kian Lloyd delos Santos broke internet and spread like wildfire across the globe, once again highlighting Philippines in a negative way. Suddenly everyone, not only Filipinos but even people from different countries and different nationalities with zero personal experience regarding what the drug situation in the Philippines is like, was furiously typing away their own takes regarding President Duterte’s War against Drugs.

The issue became a field day for vultures like politically-backed and –funded media networks who couldn’t wait to get a kick out of their own contorted version of the “news”, conveniently manipulated to fit their own political leanings.

There have been differing views and opinions regarding the issue. Some think that the government is to blame for allegedly ending the life of someone so young, regardless of the cause or surrounding circumstances. Some think that the parents are to blame for involving the teen in the illegal drug trade in the first place. Others say the CCTV footage that is being used as evidence is largely questionable. 

And more than a few have focused on the police brutality angle, saying that the cop who pulled the trigger is entirely to blame.

In line with this, a new photo has surfaced that is fast gaining a lot of reacting from netizens on Facebook.

The official Facebook page of Paula Defensor-Knack, known for being a solid supporter of the Duterte administration, reposted a photo sent in as a comment from a netizen showing Vice President Leni Robredo together with the cop who allegedly shot Kian delos Santos. The policeman, identified as PO3 Arnel Oares, together with 2 other policemen, was relieved from service in line with the investigation on the 17-year-old’s death. The screenshot image was captioned “Oyyy is this true ? policeman who shot Kian is allied with yellows ?”

Some netizens have commented that the image looked like it was Photoshopped.

However, majority seem to be in agreement that this is evidence of an insidious plot from certain anti-administration politicians.

However, one Noyskie Navarete had a more level-headed approach to the issue.

Aside from accused cops PO3 Arnel Oares, PO1 Jeremias Pereda, and PO1 Jerwin Cruz who have been relieved from service in relation to the Kian delos Santos case, their superior PCP7 Chief Inspector Amor Cerillo has also been temporarily reassigned to the Regional Police Holding and Accounting Unit to give way for impartial investigations against the suspects.

How about you though? Do you think that three policemen are guilty? Are they connected to the opposition? Is this image Photoshopped or a legit piece of evidence that will be able to affect the outcome of the investigation on the delos Santos case? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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