Veteran soldier to Drilon, Pangilinan and Escudero: Who is the better public servant? You or Espenido?

Abe Purunggan, a veteran soldiers and scout ranger lambasted the three senators who questioned the bloody raid conducted by the members of the PNP/CIDG which resulted to the death of Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog and others.

In a facebook post, Purunggan said that Senators Chiz Escudero, Franklin Drilon and Kiko Pangilinan are just sitting comfortably in the senate without achieving anything, while police chief Jovie Espenido gambles his life to protect the people.

He said that the way the three senators malign and threaten the policemen instead of appreciating them, only showed that they are siding with lawbreakers.

Read his full post below:

For Chiz Escudero, Frank Drilon and Kiko Pangilinan:

Who is the better public servant? You or Espenido?

You sit comfortably on your chairs in the Senate and talking endlessly without achieving anything.  You waste a lot of taxpayers money. You get to enjoy kickbacks from your pork barrel funds and lobby money. On the other hand, Espenido battles criminals in our communities. He puts his life on the line to protect our people.

You do not appreciate what our policemen are doing. You malign them and you even threaten them.
With what you are doing, you make people believe that as lawmakers, you are on the side of lawbreakers.
Who is Police Chief Inspector Espenido?

He is a licensed criminologist with background in electronics.

Espenido entered the police service on September 16, 1996 assigned in Regional Mobile Group (RMG) 7 particularly in Negros Oriental.

His remarkable contribution to Cebu’s police force was the arrest of the suspects in the Chung case, he being a member of the task force Aznar and task force Hydia.

In 1999, he was transferred to Police Regional Office (PRO) 8 Anti-Narcotics Unit and the dissolved Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) Eastern Visayas. Later, Espenido was transferred to the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) and Leyte police provincial office service office.

It was in mid 2000 when he was first assigned in Ormoc and where he had his first taste of promotion in Sept. 1, 2008 through lateral entry, to the position of Inspector.

For 12 years in the service, Espenido got 83 commendation awards. One of which was when he arrested top wanted personalities like Kumander Danilo Mojado in 2004, an ex-army, suspected member of the left-leaning group and suspected leader of highway robbery.

In his attempt to arrest a fugitive from Cebu and suspected political goon, he accidentally killed the suspect in the mountain of Merida a day before the national election in 2001.

As team leader of Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) in the Samar area and as chief of police (COP) in Gandara, Samar, he successfully destroyed four private armed groups (PAGs) for which he was granted spot promotion in 2011.

After three months since he was installed as company commander of Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB) in Calbiga, Samar, Espenido got Doroteo Molobolo, the suspected leader of Molobolo private armed group, for which he was again commended through a spot promotion.

He was supposed to get a promotion in 2012 but the documents he submitted to then Secretary Jesse M. Robredo before he died were lost.

Under regional director Chief Supt. Elmer Soria, he was again assigned in Samar province where he arrested suspected goons of alleged PAGs in three months. But after which, he was ordered restricted in the area.

In 2013, Espenido made San Miguel town of Leyte “illegal drugs free” where he was assigned as police chief. The town became free from illegal gambling, drug, among others, like what he did in Gandara, Samar.

In his campaign, he got the support of the municipal parish priest, community, private sectors and the local government unit in a span of three months.

Espenido also enforced arrests to violations of common laws and at the same time conducted symposium.

The same was his plans to do in Ormoc and nearby towns but his untimely re-assignment prevented him to fully accomplish these. He was ordered to stop doing operations on Sept. 18, 2015 and barely a month, was re-assigned to Davao police regional office on October 13 by the national headquarters effective on the same date.

Asked of his unusual technique in the performance of his work that not most police officers do, he would just point a finger up and say “because of Him” (referring to God).

Espenido and his wife are active preachers in their church Seventh Day Adventist.

He believes that if only all policemen perform their sworn duties well, seldom the illegal doers to prosper to win over the laws.

Source: Abe Purunggan
Veteran soldier to Drilon, Pangilinan and Escudero: Who is the better public servant? You or Espenido? Veteran soldier to Drilon, Pangilinan and Escudero: Who is the better public servant? You or Espenido? Reviewed by Aldub News Hub on 2:28:00 AM Rating: 5
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