Tisha's Camp Obtains CCTV Footages Of Chairman Andy's Bagman


After what seemed like the battle of the spouses where Patricia Bautista, wife of Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista spilled the beans on her husband's ill-begotten wealth, then Andy denying it and trying to put the blame on Tisha. What seemed like an endless cycle may just be on it's final days now.

Tisha's camp obtained copies of CCTV videos of the condo where Andy owns a unit. In the said videos, a certain "bagman" as Abante calls him, comes by regularly bringing heaps of money amounting to not less than a million per time.

Bruce Wayne or "bagman" was confronted by Tisha's camp about this and he just dismissively said that the CCTV does not even capture where he actually brings the money.

"hindi naman kita sa CCTV kung saan ko ito dadalhin."
Unbeknownst to Bagman, Andy already confessed this to his wife earlier. He already told his wife that Bagman was indeed a regular there, because he brings money to Andy's unit.

Andy also said to his wife that the unit was his "relaxation space." He also told Tish that a certain "lawyer friend" bring women and borrows the unit from Andy. Really, Chairman? Just your friend? Are you sure that's not your "sex den" too?

According to Tisha's camp, that really is Andy's sex den. Tisha remembered seeing two sets of towels when Andy brought her there. What's worse is that when Tisha visited one time, the guards thought she was a call girl that Andy picked up somewhere.

Meanwhile, news anchor Vicky Morales in an interview with Andy, asked him if he really had a "sex den." Instead of answering, he, again turned the tables around and played the victim card by saying that they are just ruining his reputation.

"Go ahead. Siraan na nila ako nang siraan."
Morales also asked Andy if he will be able to forgive Tisha, to which he emotionally answered not now.

"Hindi pa ngayon."
Source: Abante Tonite
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