LOOK: Presidential Daughter Kitty Duterte Is Glowing in Her Rented Gown For Linggo ng Wika


The president must be so proud of his daughter right now!

Any father would be when they have a daughter like Kitty. 

Veronica “Kitty” Avanceña Duterte, youngest daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte once again made the news after a photo of her circulated on the internet, wearing an elegant Filipiniana gown.

Kitty was photographed by Rachel Balisanzo as she caught people’s eyes while rushing on the way to the Linggo ng Wika celebration of her school, Stella Maris Academy, looking elegant in a skintone-and-cream colored sequined Filipiniana ball gown.

She appeared to have been walking alone, without any yaya or even a member of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) following close behind. In the famously safe streets of Davao, she looked like any regular schoolgirl, equipped with a sweet smile as she looked forward to getting to her school’s event.

When asked about the gown and the photo, Kitty’s mom Honeylet Avanceña told Newsline.ph that Kitty always looked forward to her school’s Linggo ng Wika celebration and to wearing the Filipiniana gown of her choice.

“She is looking forward to the culmination day, because to her, Linggo ng Wika is like the Oscars,” added Honeylet.

Kitty’s mom also said that at first, she wanted to have a new gown made for her daughter and had instructed Chardin to prepare one that was not too expensive, but her college classmate Sheng – who runs a gown rental shop along Quezon Boulevard in Davao City – informed her via text that she had good gown for rent. Honeylet and Kitty went to see the collection and the young lady’s heart was captured by the gown that she chose. The surprise? The gown only cost them Php 400 for the rental!

The picture was posted on August 29 on Balisanzo’s Facebook account, with the caption: Wow ka bonga sa dress super bonga..Madam Veronica Duterte....Linggo ng Wika @ Stella Maris.

Based on the comments, there seems to be a contest based on the attendees’ Filipiniana attire, which the OP expected Kitty to win, just like she did the last time.

It is to be remembered that Kitty also made the news last year when MoustvNet’s Youtube channel uploaded a video of her, probably taken a few years prior because she looked a bit younger in it, while enjoying the task of washing clothes by hand, despite being instructed to use the washing machine.

Now, visibly grown up, the young lady is the epitome of simplicity, elegance and grace.

Like one netizen commented on the news in newsline.ph, what’s not to love?

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