Paula Defensor Knack Goes Hard On Hontiveros Drug Money Scandal


Risa Hontiveros, Senator of the Philippines and Duterte critic extraordinaire and expert at putting herself through embarrassing situations with her antics against the administration, recently made the news again after her involvement with drug middleman Kenneth Dong was revealed. It seems that opening her big mouth about her connection to the controversial young businessman will do her even more harm that she had anticipated.

In an ANC interview, the senator admitted having been a principal sponsor in Kenneth Dong’s wedding. In an interview with DZMM, Hontiveros also admitted that she received a total of Php 8 million pesos total from Dong for her senate run campaigns for the 2013 and 2016 elections combined.

Both these admissions elicited strong reactions from netizens, but the strongest of which is most probably that of Paula Defensor Knack, known Duterte defender and sister to the late great Miriam Defensor Santiago.

In her Facebook post, Knack posted a meme, complete with pictures of Hontiveros, Dong, and Sen. Joel Villanueva, another senator who admitted having received millions from the alleged druglord during his 2016 election campaign the post was captioned:

When its [sic] so widespread within LP, that the newcomer thought it was OKAY to receive proceeds from drug trafficking. NO !! 

The meme Knack posted sported the caption: 

You go to jail! Hontiveros already admitted violation of the anti-drug trafficking act…by receiving proceeds from a druglord.

Another one, posted 23 hours ago as of this writing, includes a photo of Senator Hontiveros together with her admission of her connection to Dong, and in the caption of which Knack says that Hontiveros drove the last nail on the LP coffin. 

Salamat, PULPOL dahil tanga ka sa batas !!!!!!”

Knack has always gone hard on Hontiveros and on LP in particular. This time, according to her more recent posts, LP is surely bound for jail.

Is this a sign that poetic justice is close at hand for pinoys? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below. 
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