Netizens Bash Bam Aquino for Wakeup Call Meme Related to Alleged Drug Runner's Death


The death of 17-year-old alleged drug runner Kian delos Santos has elicited a lot of reactions from a lot of people and, fueled by the media that keep the issue playing on repeat, this has even incited activist groups into staging protests and calling out for a so-called revolution.

Not everyone shares the same opinion, of course.

But as for politicians, the moment the news became a viral issue worldwide, they couldn’t wait to get their grimy hands into the situation and then use it to bolster their own motives and schemes.

Last August 22, Senator Bam Aquino’s Facebook account posted a meme complete with the faded-out photo of a man holding forward Kian delos Santos’ school ID and, in big bold white letters, the question: ILAN PA BANG KIAN ANG KAILANGANG PATAYIN BAGO TAYO MAGISING? It also sported the hashtag #StopTheKillings.

Netizens’ reactions were swift and strong in expressing their opinions, and majority of them, basing on the comments and threads, have the exact opposite of the senator’s views.

Top comment is from Wilson Kilat Jr who called out Aquino’s post for too much politicking and ponted out that the senator’s outcry should be for pushers, drug lords, and addicts to stop plying their illegal trade and using drugs because a lot innocents are affected.

A close second, reactions-wise, is Abie Alaz’s comment where he posted 2 opposing pictures: that of President Rodrigo Duterte visiting the wake of a family in Bulacan massacred by a drug addict, and another one showing Vice President Robredo texting on her phone while in front of Kian delos Santos’ coffin.

Here’s the full comment:

Nasan ka?

Nasan ka noong may Minasaker sa bulacan 5 miyembro ng Pamilya ang pinatay ng DRUG ADDICT!

Nasaan ka noong may pinagsamantalahang 13 gulang na batang babae ng isang Pari?

Nasan ka noong panahon na ang isang callcenter agent na pumapasok ng madaling araw para buhayin ang pamilya nya Pinatay ng DRUG ADDICT!

Nasan ka noong na rape ang isang 16 na taong buntis na baba na pinatay rin ng DRUG ADDICT!

Sinisigaw natin ang Due Process pag wala sa side natin ang Hustisya?

Nasan ka noong may na rape na 4 na buwang gulang sangol ng isang 40 gulang na Lulong sa Droga?

Oo Kinukundena natin ang mga napatay na inosente sa naturang Laban kontra Droga. Binibigyan natin ng simpatya ang pagkamatay ni Kian! Ipagdasal natin na mabigyan sya ng Hustisya.

Pero kung sinisigaw natin ay patas na Hustisya at ginagamit natin ang kamusmusan ng Batang si Kian para ipahinto ang Laban Kontra Droga.
Binigyan ba natin ng simpatya ang mga taong naging Biktima ng mga taong lungo sa DROGA?

Although there were a few who were in agreement with Bam Aquino’s sentiments, majority of the comments and replies were from netizens sick and tired of the rotten system and crying out for justice for the ACTUAL victims instead of defending the criminals and perpetrators themselves.

Feel free to check the actual post and peruse the comments section here.

In a system that sensationalizes the death of criminals and pushes their victims to the background, should Senator Bam Aquino take a step back and reconsider the subject for his wakeup call?

What do you think?

Source: Bam Aquino
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