Netizen raps hard on Kiko Pangilinan and Parojinogs on Facebook Live

A shocking revelation! This is what political commentator and netizen Mike Acebedo Lopez gave to the Filipino online community on Facebook Live midnight yesterday.

In a 30 minute video, Lopez released blast after blast of explosive information about some of the biggest names that have been making the news since the incident of the Parojinog drug raid last Saturday.

In the first ten minutes, the netizen fiercely recounts why he is now such a huge critic and detractor of Senator Kiko Pangilinan, who recently got the full brunt of negative reactions online by claiming the Parojinog drug raid incident as not credible because there were no deaths on the side of the policemen.

Apparently, Lopez was mugged and almost died in the hands of a drug addict after campaigning for Pangilinan as an underaged youth volunteer, and the then-senatorial candidate did not deign to give even so much as a reaction when he was informed about what happened.

After that part, Lopez then tells the viewers about how the Parojinogs are, or were, the crème de la crème of the drug trade Industry in the Philippines. At the same time, he also narrates how happy he was when his best friend’s mom ran against the Parojinogs and was subsequently cheated out of the elections after facing dangers such as being threatened under gunpoint, having to hide because of gunfire, and other hellish events.

Right next to that part is where it really gets interesting. Lopez then mentions the name of Nova Princess Parojinog who, in a recent video clip that immediately caught fire and went viral minutes after being uploaded, was seen grappling with a policewoman and trying to put a little white something in her mouth that was later rumored to be either a sachet of shabu or a list of people who owed her Php1.4 million pesos worth of shabu.

In the said video, Mike Acebedo Lopez called the young Parojinog “spawn of Satan”.

Interesting developments. Want more? Bookmark this website and stay on the edge of your seats. Because more is definitely to come. 

Watch the video here.

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