Mom Cries For Help, Lost Son Turns Up as a Maute Child Warrior?


“Kamukha ba siya ni RAMRAM? Nahirapan ako kilalanin ang anak ko nahiwalay sa akin nang pitong taon. Kung ganun. ISIS na na pala sya kung ganun? ALLAH KNOWS kung saan talaga sya naroroon.”

The heartbreak was palpable in the Facebook status post of a mother who may have found the son she lost 7 years ago. Unfortunately, the child – if it does turn out to be him - may be in a more dangerous situation than any mother would ever wish.

Rowhanisa Abdul Jabbar had been separated from her son Azramie “Ram-Ram” Abdul Jabbar Magondacan when the child’s yaya gave him away to people she claimed were her friends. Cases have been filed but still remain unsolved as of date and the trail had gone cold for years.

That is until recently when someone she referred to as a “concerned citizen” sent her the photo of a boy bearing an uncanny resemblance to Ram-ram. What would make any parent’s heart shudder though is that in the photo the boy, in camouflage gear, is cradling in his arms what appears to be an authentic, live M16 Armalite rifle, and is said to be a child warrior for terrorist group Maute.

Although unsure whether the child in the picture really is her son, Ram-Ram, Rowhanisa took to Facebook in hopes that someone will be able to verify the child’s identity and safety.

The post caught fire and netizens flocked to give their opinions. Some think that it is definitely the same child, while others maintain that although there is a resemblance, only a DNA test will be able to confirm the truth.

On a related Facebook post, another netizen by the name of Dman Tomawis Rasuman claims that the other child in the same picture with “Ram-Ram” is not a legitimate member of either ISIS or Maute but rather his nephew, named Alinor “Mayor” Usman, whom they have been looking for a long time now.

Ram-Ram’s mother, Rowhanisa Abdul Jabbar, posted on August 26 that she is now in contact with someone from the warzone in Marawi who might be able to give light to the situation.

In line with rumors of white vans roving around and kidnapping random children, this issue strikes fear in the hearts of parents nationwide. 

Hopefully, this can be given due attention and not be stepped on and rolled over by the recent issues plaguing the national media instead. 

Source: This Kid Is Missing, Dman Tomawis
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