WATCH: LP Wanted To Parade Kian’s Body, But The Father Refused

Just when you thought this issue of Kian delos Santos' death is done, here come another revelation from Kian's father himself.

He said that before the burial, groups that opposed Duterte's war against illegal drugs as well as the administration itself, wanted to parade Kian's body in Edsa People Power Monument as a part of their rally against the current administration.

Mr. delos Santos refused the requests stating that he doesn't want his son to be used in the never ending battle of politics.

This was revealed by Mr. delos Santos himself days after the burial of Kian's body.

“Plano nila na dadalhin (ang labi ni Kian) sa EDSA. Ewan ko, baka magra-rally sila, pero hindi ako pumayag,”
Meanwhile, the dad also apologized to Kian for not being able to stay long after the burial ceremony, they had to leave the place immediately because too many people attended the burial.

Maybe this is the time to stop sensationalizing the death of the said highschooler, don't you think?

Moreover, netizens couldn't help but react to what the father said about the groups that wanted to parade Kian's body.

Maia Villapane couldn't help but cuss and say that the LP is disgusting for doing that.

Are you fucking serious, LP? You're not even going to categorically deny this? As the days go by, you get more and more brazen in your attempts to destabilize the country and you still trumpet yourselves as the benchmark for decency? It's thanks to you assholes that I now loathe that word with every fiber of my being. Every time someone says "disente", all I feel is the urge to crawl out of my body or projectile vomit on that person.
My god, ang kadiri nyo.
Oo, kasama na rin ang Akbayan, mga punyeta rin kayo.

Other netizens also expressed their thoughts via Thinking Pinoy's post:

You can watch the said interview on ABS-CBN here:

Source: ABS-CBN News
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