GOOD NEWS! Women Can Now Wipe Off Their Ex-Husband's Surname From Their Names


It's been a tradition in the Philippines for women getting married to change their surname and take on their husband's surname. While this is not a problem to some, there are some marriage that do not last and end up in separation and divorce.

Before, the women who have gone true break ups with their husbands or were abandoned by their husbands have no choice but to continue their life using the husband's surname. If they want to remove it, they will have to go to a gruesome court procedures.

Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo set aside House Bill 6028 called the "Reversion to the Maiden Name Act". Under the bill, women who were abandoned, has been approved for legal separation, and has dissolution of marriage will now be able to revert back to their maiden names.

The said act states that these will be allowed under the following circumstances:

After her marriage has been judicially declared null and void or after its annulment;
After a judicial declaration of legal separation, provided that there has been no manifestation of reconciliation filed with the court;
After a judicial declaration of separation of property, provided there has been no subsequent decree reviving the old property regime between the spouses;
If the spouses stipulated in their marriage settlement that a regime of’ separation of properties shall govern their property relations;
If the petitioner has been de facto separated from or abandoned by her husband for a period of not less than 10 years; or
If the petitioner’s husband may be presumed dead pursuant to the circumstances, periods and conditions set forth in the Civil Code of the Philippines and the Rules of Court.
According to Arroyo, she made the statement because she doesn't want to torture women in to having to live with their ex-husband's surname, and otherwise having to go to court just to remove it.

(Hindi na kailangang pumunta sa korte ang mga babaing inabandona ng kanilang mga asawa para tanggalin sa kanilang pangalan ang apelyido ng kanilang mister kapag naipasa na ang panukalang batas ni dating Pa­ngulo at ngayo’y Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo hinggil dito.)
(Sa ilalim ng House Bill 6028 na tinawag na “Reversion to Maiden Name Act” na inakda ni Arroyo, bukod sa inabandona, makikinabang din sa panukalang batas ang mga babaing naaprubahan na ang kanilang legal separation, dissolution of marriage at maging kung mabalo ito.)
(Ginawa ni Arroyo ang nasabing pahayag dahil madalas na kailangan munang pumunta sa korte ang mga babae para ipaalis sa kanilang pangalan ang apel­yido ng kanilang mister.)
(Dahil dito, ayaw nang pahirapan ni Arroyo ang mga kababaihan at bibigyan na ang mga ito ng kapangyarihan na alisin o burahin ang apelyido ng kanilang mister sa kanilang pangalan sa ganitong mga kaso.)
(Kailangang lang pumunta ang mga babaing ito sa office of the Civil­ Registrar para ipaalis ang apelyido ng kanilang mister sa kanilang pangalan na hindi na kailangang gumastos ng mahal.)

Source: Abante Tonite 
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