First Ever Biodiesel Plant in the Philippines Launched in Davao City


Davao City has a new cause for celebration as a biofuel plant able to produce fuel that costs way less per liter compared with less environment-friendly fuels was launched in the city last Friday. What’s better news? The plant processes used cooking oil turning it into biodiesel, thereby raising hopes that this will lessen the instances of used cooking oil being dumped into the city’s canals and rivers.

The said biodiesel plant is an initiative of the city government and involves Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) plus two other Japan-based companies. An expected amount of 1,000 liters of used oil will be processed by the plant into biofuel on a daily basis.

According to a feasibility study, proponents of the project were able to collect about 250,000 liters of used cooking oil just around the city a year before the plant was even completed, proving that Davao City could quite easily supply the plant’s daily required amount of cooking oil, says Shigeto Mizumo from the Biomass Japan Inc., one of the other companies involved in the project.

Assistant city administrator Dwight Tristan Domingo adds that the Davao City government has already identified 10 villages to be used as collection points for used cooking oil.

During the launch of the aforementioned plant, Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said that the biodiesel the plant would produce would cost only Php 16 per liter, compared to regular diesel which currently sells at Php 29.

Tests will be done on 30 jeepneys within the next three months in order to determine exactly how efficient biodiesel is compared to regular diesel.

However, Mizumo claims that tests have already been done by using the biofuel to power several government garbage trucks.

“There has been no problem at all,” Mizumo assured.

Inday Sara declared that the biodiesel would begin to be sold to the public after the-three month test on jeepneys in the city.

This JICA-funded project will be the first ever biofuel plant in the Philippines.

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