EXPOSED: CA Member Rep. Josephine Sato Has Hidden Wealth Including A P45M Mansion


A few days ago, the Commission on Appointments made headlines when they became part of why DSWD's Judy Taguiwalo got dismissed from her position.

Today, again, they are breaking headlines and timelines as a former employee of the government of Occidental Mindoro fired accusing statements and revelations pointed to CA Rep. Josephine Sato.

"Habang naghihirap ang probinsya namin, sya naman ay busy sa pag-accumulate ng hidden wealth."
To sum it up, the netizens have dug up old issues against her. This sparked when she became the sole and leading figure in the rejections of DSWD's Taguiwalo and DENR's Gina Lopez.

Sato, allegedly has a P45M worth mansion in Antipolo taht was built in 2009. But, judging from her SALN report, she plainly just can't afford it.

The issue was even brought up as a documentary by ABS-CBN. The particular accuser this time is a a netizen named Apollo Francisco. According to him, Sato bought to prime lots in a mission Hill subdivision in Antipolo last 2009. As stated in the deed of sale, the amount was more than P12M.

The lot that was acquired was in her 2010 statement, but the amount declared was only P4.5M, a far cry from the real amount.

By the time the documentary was made, the mansion that was being built on the two lots was only 80% done. Francisco consulted an expert and was given an estimate that the mansion costs roughly P45M. This amount was no where to be found on her SALN.

From the said information, Francisco is now asking where would Sato get the money to afford the said mansion if her total SALN declaration was only P19M?

"Where did Gov. Sato get the money to erect such luxurious mansion when her total assets as per SALN declaration was only P19M?"
 Francisco also added that Sato definite has no way that she can afford that with her salary as a governor and her income from her rice milling business which was not operational anymore.

"Other than her salary as Governor of Occidental Mindoro and a rice milling business, which he said was no longer operational, Sato could not afford those luxurious properties."
Francisco also said that if Sato had other sources of income that made her able to affor the mansion, or even her husband, it should have been reflected on her SALN.

It kind of makes sense, doesn't it? What do you think?

EXPOSED: CA Member Rep. Josephine Sato Has Hidden Wealth Including A P45M Mansion EXPOSED: CA Member Rep. Josephine Sato Has Hidden Wealth Including A P45M Mansion Reviewed by Do It Write Solutions on 6:46:00 PM Rating: 5
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