President Duterte to Espenido: 'Your next assignment is Iloilo'


Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido is the commanding officer when the infamous death of Ozamis Mayor Parojinog came about.

When Mayor Espinosa of Leyte was killed on 2016, Espenido was the one assigned to Leyte before Ozamis where the mayor also died. Now he requested that he gets assigned in Iloilo where Mayor Mabilog has been identified as a protector of drugs.

During President Duterte's speech on August 28, he looked for Espenido and granted his request right then and there.
“Espenido where are you? I will ask you again, you asked for assignment in Leyte, namatay ang mayor doon [the mayor there died]. You ask for another assignment in Ozamiz, namatay ang mayor doon [the mayor there died],”
The president passed it as a joke, stating how the two mayors where Espenido got assigned to died. Finally asking "Will the mayor in Iloilo survive?" once he assigns Espenido there.
Ngayon, gusto mo doon sa Iloilo kasi si Mabilog identified as a protector. Mabuhay kaya s’ya? Gusto kong tanungin kasi baka ako ang mapagbintangan,”
He said he is just asking since if the mayor indeed dies, then it's a sure thing that he will be the one that people will blame.
“Your next assignment is Iloilo,”
That is the words that Espenido was waiting for. During the said event, the president awarded Espenido the Magalong Medal. This is given to officials and other personnel of the government and sometimes private individuals who have rendered "extraordinary service or have made exceptional contributions to the success of an activity pursuant to a campaign or advocacy of the President."

Meanwhile, earlier, Duterte shared how it was in Iloilo, it was the "bedrock" of shabu and it is one of the most "shabulized" city in Visayas.
“Ang Iloilo grabe talaga, lahat nga tao doon [Iloilo] sinasabi, ‘Mayor, ang droga. Kung maari tulungan mo kami dito’,”
Among the 8 incumbent mayors in Visayas that Duterte tagged in the President's list of personalities allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, Mabilog one one of them. Although, he denied having links with the drug traders.

Last February, Duterte also said that Mabilog is the cousin of the opposition Senator Franklin Drilon. Hmm, doesn't does sound a bit interesting?

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think the mayor in Iloilo will live?

Watch the video below:

Source: ABS-CBN News
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