Disgusting: Andy Bautista Charges Interest On Loans Of Tisha


With all the issues surrounding Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista and his wife Tisha Bautista, it is normal for people to look into their personal life and speculate what kind of relationship they had.

Of all the issues that surfaced, this seems to be the most disgusting of all. According to a Facebook post of Krizette Laureta Chu, Andy charges Tisha Interest on loans she supposedly owes him.

The post is accompanied by a photo that shows a table with amount and signature when the amount is paid off.

The post says:

Payments that Tisha makes to Andy Bautista, with his signature.
What kind of husband charges interest on loans to his wife? For a credit card she uses to run the household and pay for their kids' tuition even when he has a job and she has no "real" one (she works for her mom).
This is a crazy world. Ladies, go hug your boyfriends or husbands in gratitude that they are not Andy Bautista.
The point of the post is: Let's expose Andy's greed and corruption and wrongdoings and his lies, and let's remove one more powerful person that is allied with LP and protects them.
Next election, without him around, we will with hope have a cleaner election that reflects the true will of the people.
And we will have no more Josephine Satos to remove the Judy Taguiwalos of this world.

The story behind this loan was onced told by Tisha Bautista where she faced charges and resorted to just paying a P2M fine. Every husband should have just paid that, right? I mean, c'mon, that's his wife. But no. Andy Bautista had her wife pay him, and take this - WITH INTEREST!

Who does that?

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