Callamard Earns Duterte's Ire Yet Again, This Time For Controversial #makehisdeaththelast Tweet



Agnes Callamard once again gets rapped on hard by President Rody Duterte and gets herself referred to as crazy after the UN Special Rapporteur said, in a controversial tweet hashtagged #makehisdeaththelast,that the death of Kian delos Santos should be the last in the administration’s bloody anti-drug campaign.  

In a presscon in Pampanga, in a statement rife with the expletives that the president is known for dishing out whenever he is angry about something, Duterte irately asked who Callamard thought she was to try and intimidate him and to get her hands into how the Philippines is being run.

“T*** i** niya, sabihin mo. Huwag niya akong takutin. P***** i** niya. G*** pala siya eh. Taga-saan ba ‘yang buang na ‘yan?”

After hearing that the woman was from France, the president added, “Umuwi siya doon. Who is she to – mangyayari na mangyayari ‘yan, eh sa lugar niya nangyayari, eh gago ka pala,” implying that the same thing also happens in that country.

PRRD also did not forget to mention that it was even worse in France, Callamard’s native country. He compared the judicial system of France and the Philippines, highlighting that here in our country, the accused is presumed guilty and it is the state’s responsibility to prove him otherwise, while out there in France, a suspect can be indefinitely held in prison until he is able to prove his innocence.

In addition, the president also insisted that the Republic of the Philippines is not part of the territory of France, so it is therefore not Callamard’s place to interfere.

“Papuntahan mo siya dito. Tingnan mo ang sitwasyon. Do not ever give me that kind of shit. Republika ng Pilipinas ito, hindi teritoryo ng France”.

The UN Representative also did not pay any mind to his advice to refer to and read his State of the Nation Address, Duterte said, despite the fact that the SONA was the guidance of all. PRRD also angrily said that Callamard is only riding the current trending issues.

Last December, after hearing that Callamard wanted to investigate the Duterte administration’s campaign against illegal drugs and the alleged extrajudicial killings, the president extended an invitation to Callamard to come to the Malacañang Palace under three conditions, most notable of which was that the tough-talking president should be allowed to ask Callamard questions in a public debate.

The UN rapporteur vehemently declined the invitation, reasoning out that the conditions were – according to her – against UN protocols for country visits.

Check out the full video of Duterte’s speech regarding Callamard’s tweet.

Source: Rappler
Callamard Earns Duterte's Ire Yet Again, This Time For Controversial #makehisdeaththelast Tweet Callamard Earns Duterte's Ire Yet Again, This Time For Controversial #makehisdeaththelast Tweet Reviewed by Do It Write Solutions on 8:29:00 PM Rating: 5
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