Anti-Duterte FB Page Silent No More PH Receives Heavy Backlash For Mistaken Identity Gaffe


Any respectable page that deigns to call itself an avenue for REAL news ought to verify its information first before spreading it out for the public and the whole world to see.

This is a lesson that anti-Duterte administration Facebook page Silent No More PH learned the hard way after receiving tons of hot and spicy backlash for posting a picture of who was supposed to have been Kian delos Santos’ slay suspect PO1 Jerwin Cruz, but who instead turned out to be totally innocent and harmless Jerwin Paul Nuñez Cruz.

Silent No More PH has subsequently deleted the erroneous post but not before considerable damage had been done. According to Jerwin’s sister Pauline in a comment on SNM’s erratum post regarding the incident, her brother already received threats. If anything happened to her brother, she said, it will all be the fault for Silent No More PH for posting unverified information, therefore endangering a person’s life.

Other netizens rallied in support of Pauline’s argument for her brother’s sake. Among the replies in the thread on her previously mentioned comment are the following:

Meanwhile, in other comments on the same post, some patronizers of the page did come to Silent No More’s Defense.

Regardless of that, it’s ironic for an anti-Duterte administration movement like SNM with followers numbering over 300,000 and whose battlecry is “Help us fight LIES by spreading the TRUTH!” to be so irresponsible as to put a life in danger through not first verifying something as simple as the identity of a private person before posting that picture online, and selling the person to their followers as a perpetrator in an internationally controversial case.

Another fact that compounds that irony and blows it up is that literally a few hours before their Jerwin Paul Nuñez Cruz erratum, Silent No More PH posted a photo in ridicule of what they referred to as “bayarang Duterte social media warriors” for believing another case of mistaken identity involving Vice President Leni Robredo and someone who was initially assumed to be the cop and gunman in the Kian delos Santos case but was later on found out to be a certain Lane Mathew Santos’ stepdad.

Huh. More ironic. Much wow.

As of this writing, Silent No More PH has yet to reply to Pauline Cruz’s comment on their post, and it is also not yet confirmed whether they have been directly in contact with the Cruz family to discuss how they can atone for their huge error.

Hopefully, when they actually do, they verify their information and contact the correct Cruz family this time.

Source: Silent No More PH
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