Trillanes Refuses To Apologize For Calling Fellow Senators “Lapdogs”


The senator who has disgraced himself on international TV has done it again for the nth time by running his mouth unchecked, this time regarding the Senate itself.

Senator Antonio Trillanes III once again earned the ire of fellow senators when he said that they were like lapdogs of this administration who don’t even like to investigate into its abuses because we are scared”.

Senators  Jose Victor “JV” Ejercito and Vicente “Tito” Sotto III called him out after hearing about the incident, telling him “an honorable way out” would be for him to apologize. Trillanes refused, claiming that what he said was his observation and what he believed was true.

Other disgruntled senators have expressed a desire to file an ethics complaint against him, which the anti-Duterte administration Senator said he would welcome.

“I said my piece and if they believe that an ethics case is warranted, I would gladly face it,” Trillanes said, and then adding “Ang sa akin lang dito, political figures tayo eh. Wag tayong maarte,” implying that the senators who reacted to his out of place statement were too thin-skinned and sensitive.

Several senators have reacted to Trillanes’ statements, foremost of which is veteran independent senator Panfilo Lacson who said “I don’t know where he is coming from and I am not even sure he is still rational in his thinking. But one thing I am sure about: he is dead wrong. Calling one’s own colleagues as ‘cowards’ and ‘puppets’ wholesale and without qualifying is the darnedest thing he can do.”

The shade regarding Senator Trillanes probably not being rational in his thinking is something that may resonate with a lot of people, especially since thousands of netizens have questioned his mental health status in the wake of the total failure of his claims and raves against the current administration in a 24-minute disastrous interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur last month. 
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