LOOK: This Fil-Am Netizen just gave Duterte what he really deserves


Who’s up for a very good morning? Remember how the Liberal Party all ganged up and made our beloved President Duterte look bad in international media?

Well, here’s what we think, it about time that somebody slam facts into the faces of these detractors. Thankfully, this is just what Fil-Am Edwin Jamora did.

In time for Duterte’s SONA this July, Jamora summarized all the positive aspects of the Duterte administration in a brilliantly straight up post, and don’t you think he is just siding with the president, because all these are backed by facts. Now, Liberal Party, what do you say?

This is his post:

So, sino sa mga Yellowturds ang mga nag-nga-nga-ngawa na nagtakbuhan na mga foreign investors palabas nang Pinas?!
Raise your right singit! Mga simbergwenza!
The latest business news!
1.) Foreign direct investments at 17% increase to $1.56 billion in the first three months of 2017!
2.) Business confidence level in the Philippines rose to 43 percent in the second quarter of 2017 from 39 percent in the first quarter, indicating investments in 2017 may reach record high!
3.) Consumer confidence also improved for the second quarter of 2017, climbing to a double-digit record high of 13 percent from 8.7 percent in the first quarter!
4.) Increased investor confidence in the Philippines is reflected by the 41 percent rise in the number of companies and organizations from the international community that visited the country from July to December 2016.
5.) Unemployment rate dropped to 5.7 percent in April 2017 from 6.6 percent in January.
6.) Net inflow of FDIs in 2016 reached $7.93 billion, up 41 percent from $5.64 billion generated in 2015.
7.) Trade Department said the foreign investments level in the second semester of 2016 almost doubled compared with the first semester, “a clear indication of the growing foreign investor confidence in the country’s sound economic policies and attractive business environment.”
8.) Presidential visits resulted in several investments agreements and letter of intents among businessmen amounting to $37 billion, $18 billion in official development assistance loans and $4.3 billion worth of trade.
9.) Total pledged investments with the Board of Investments in January to May 2017 increased 25 percent to P174.47 billion from P139.34 billion year-on-year.
10.) The approved investments came from 218 projects with an estimated 51,847 additional jobs to be created. Top sectors include real estate activities, mostly mass housing projects worth P68.74 billion; construction and/or public private partnership projects at P48.47 billion; renewable/power projects at P28.31 billion; and manufacturing at P15.75 billion.
So pano na kayo mga destabilizers?! Pano na mga pekeng local mainstream media? Every crap you write bounces back at ya'h!
Ayaw nyong maniwala sa President naten eh. Natandaan nyo nung nawala lang sya dahil sa sobrang pagod nagpapahinga lang?
He died and after 3 days, he rose again.

This is a very good way to start our morning, don’t you think? If you look at the comment section, it’s nice to see that a lot of people are loving the positive post that Jamora shared.

What do you think? We do feel that the comments and the positive reactions are enough to let us know that everybody agrees with Duterte and are tired of the way the Liberal Party are destroying the current administration.

What do you think? Did this post give Duterte the much needed respect that we all should give him?
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