Students exposed something fishy about Kiko Pangilinan's Cavite 'Hacienda'


A post from students who are undergoing their thesis is making rounds in the internet now. The post allegedly found proof that LP Politician, Kiko Pangilinan is practicing unfair labor in his hacienda in Cavite.

The said anomaly was unearthed by students from Visayas State University while they were researching for their thesis.

Sweet Spring Country farm is the name of the company which is owned by Pangilinan. It is a 3-hectare farm that is located in Alfonso, Cavite.

The students wanted to remain anonymous as they do not want their family members to be in danger or they don't want to be put in the limelight. So the Facebook Page "Leni Robredo fashion Diary" posted the photos along with the allegation in behalf of the thesis takers.

This is the name in which the company of Pangilinan is registered.

In this photo, you will see that the employees are indeed not getting a fair share of salary that they are entitled to. Take this for example:

Mr. Afriel Babaan and Mr. Carlo Jiminez both have SSS, PhilHealth and 13th month pay. Whe you look at the third person, Ms. Rufina Tanamal has SSS and PhilHealth but no 13th month pay, although she has free housing, but that is beside the point.

Furthermore, Mr. Bebot Caololan has PhilHealth and 13th month pay, but has no SSS. To make up for it, he is entitled to free housing and 1 sack of rice monthly.

Really? Giving free lodging and a sack of rice monthly does not remove the employees' right to have SSS or other benefits, as far as our Labor Code is concerned. What's happening here?

A little more further down the list, Mr. Randolf Alcantara and Mr. Marlon Pilao appears to have no benefits at all. No SSS, no PhilHealth, no 13th month, just their 6000+ salary and free housing. In what way is that fair?

Ms. Leonisa Caololan, must be the wife of Mr. Bebot above who gets free housing and a sack of rice monthly. If they are indeed married, then it is safe to assume that Pangilinan is only giving them 1 sack of rice in total in a month.

As if that is not enough. Look at how overworked the workers are. They are required to work for 10 hours when the Labor Code states that workers should only work for 8 hours. There are no documents stating that these workers are paid for their overtime work.

Here is the post:

What is happening here? As of now, Pangilinan is still quiet about the issue. What do you think? What will be his alibi here?
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