Pimentel on Trillanes: "Papansin lang at Publicity-Hungry"


Antonio Trillanes, a blatant and very vulgar critic of our President Duterte gave yet another comment that he fired to his fellow senators. He accused some of the senators of being "cowards" and “puppets” because they refused to probe the alleged anomalies in the current administration. He also called them the “lapdogs” of the administration.

This in turn sparked some rebuttals and defense statements from the accused senators, one of the notable criticisms Trillanes got was from Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III, who found the statement a result of being “publicity-hungry.”

Pimentel pointed out that Trillanes was just hungry for media attention, why else would he revive issues that are already in the past and have already subsided otherwise.

“I’ve heard that before a number of times. Why revive it just for him to be in the news?”

Another senator who couldn’t help but comment was Senator Tito Sotto. In his statement, he told Trillanes to better watch his mouth and not call his fellow senators names.

“I do not know his reasons for saying that. He should be careful in calling us names. Hindi ko siya papatulan sa ngayon.”

Looks like Trillanes is on the edge with Sotto now and just one more move will make Sotto burst.

Yet another senator who expressed his sentiments against Trillanes is Senator Panfilo Lacson, in a tweet, he fired his statement.

“Calling his Senate colleagues “cowards” and “puppets” wholesale is the darnest thing a senator can do.”

This tweet garnered a lot of positive feedback from people who agree that Trillanes really was out of line this time. Some even told Lacson to challenge Trillanes into a debate so he will know his place.

Trillanes has yet to reply to these senators, but let’s see, we all know he won’t back down from making a fool of himself, right?

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