Netizen Has Perfect Comeback To Alejano's Latest Insult To The President


It is quite deplorable how Magdalo party-list representative and known Trillanes-crony Gary Alejano comes up with the nerve to insult Philippine President, and consequently AFP Commander-in-Chief, Rodrigo Duterte for allegedly wearing military uniform improperly.

The latest among his many slurs against the president, Alejano's recent Facebook post dares to lecture Duterte on how to wear the military uniform correctly, referring to when the Philippine government's chief executive officer visited Iligan city last July 8th.

In the representative's latest social media rant, he compared two pictures grabbed from uncited sources: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Indonesian Prime Minister Joko Widodo, both clad in miltary garb.

Alejano pointed out the contrast between the two leaders, suggesting it be taken note of by the military advisers of PRRD.

"Grabbed the picture below from one of the posts in FB. A president has the discretion in the way he dresses up but when wearing a military uniform there is a manual in the AFP that specifies how to wear one including the placement of awards and decorations.

The manner by which a uniform is worn indicates discipline of the wearer and the organization or units he represents. Minsan makarinig tayo ng term sa AFP ng "laxitibo", "lousy", na ibig sabihin kamalasan at mag ayos ayos ka.

If we have to compare in the picture below how the two presidents (PHL & Indonesia) wear military uniforms, you can see the contrast. I suggest that military advisers of PRRD take note of this. May tamang panahon at okasyon naman ang pagiging "bugoy" which PRRD wanted to project himself..." wrote the representative.

A netizen had the perfect response to slam Gary Alejano's last statement though.

Mary Ann Libranda, in a comment on the same post says, "This may be true if a soldier is in a garrison, but in the battlefield which I doubt if Rep Alejano himself has personal combat experience, this norm is no longer followed". She proceeds to cite as a classic example the fact that elite Scout Rangers and Special Forces now have the liberty to grow their hair and mustache when in the [combat] field.

In addition, she also notes that PM Widodo (in the above-mentioned picture) is in a parade, while Duterte is in a combat zone, hence justifying the latter's dressing according to comfort instead of pomp. "Instead of finding fault to our Presidents actions why not join him him in neutralizing this threat after all he is probably the only President that went all the way to the battlefield to oversee his forces this alone is commendable to me as a former soldier. #rp #solidduterte👊👊👊👊", Libranda wraps up her comment in support of the president.

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