Females being feasted over on several secret “Pastor Hokage” groups


Last week, Esquire Philippines published an article that they titled “The dark side of Filipino Facebook”. In the article, they revealed several secret Facebook groups that are featuring child pornography and revenge porn. They use religious terms such as “Pastor”, “Ambag”, and “Amen.”

This brought upon the report of 24 Oras reporter JP Soriano which said that another group named “Catcalled in the Philippines” has been monitoring these secret groups.

These groups are set to secret so it cannot be searched. For you to be able to enter, you have to know somebody who is already there, and after joining, you have to post a nude or sexy photo, the members will then comment “Amen” if they agree with your post. The photos posted by members are called “Ambag” which means to donate, while “Amen” denotes affirmation.

Koko Rodriguez explained what they do with the photos:

“Paguusapan nila kung anong gusto nilang gawin sa babae.. yun talagang pinakamasama na pwede mong gawin sa babae, sa ganung kontekto, sasabihin nila, it doesn’t matter kung bata ‘yung girl,”
“In-appropriate na naman nila ‘yung religious na term for their own perverted end.. it’s like ‘we agree’ or ‘we’re with you.’”

Facebook and the NBI has released their statements regarding this matter, so members of these groups should leave and never do anything like that again.

Facebook said:
“We take swift action to remove this content when we’re made aware of it, and where appropriate, refer it to law enforcement.”

NBI’s statement says:
“Well, minors plus child pornography, mabigat ang penalty diyan, plus ngayon kung babae naman nakahubad without theor consent, pwede silang magreklamo for anti-photo and video voyeurism na violation.”

So, after all these, we also urge our readers to report if they know anything about these groups. 
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