Duterte thinks the charges against Aquino regarding the Mamasapano massacre is "silly" and "rotten"


Just a few days ago, it was announced that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio finally signed the order to raise charges against former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino regarding the Mamasapano massacre which resulted to 44 of our SAF Elite to lose their life.

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After the draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law was handed to him, Duterte spoke to the media and stated his opinion regarding the matter. He said that the charge was "silly" and "rotten" and he believed that it would eventually fail because Aquino had the powers to consult anyone.

“It was a silly charge. Kaya yung charge kay Aquino will fail,” the president said. “Sabi ko bugok yung decision.”
Just earlier today, the president criticized Morales for saying that he was "goading" people to kill.

"Conchita Carpio Morales blew her tact and castigated me publicly for just mentioning killing criminals,"

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Duterte expressed his reason why he thinks the charge will juat eventually fail. He said that even if Purisima was suspended following an anomalous contract for the delivery of firearms licenses, Aquino, as a president has the powers to seek advice from anyone.
"Hindi mo masabi na usurpation of authority because lahat ng sinabi nila ay merged in the president. He can call anybody to help him to fight a criminal operation there,"
This statement, however is a direct contrast from what Duterte's lawyer said just a few days back. According to Salvador Panelo, Aquino's reckoning time had come with filing of charges.

“Sooner or later the the (sic) law will catch up on those who use power or wealth to shield themselves from the majesty of the law. There is a time for reckoning and the time has finally come for the former President,”
Back to the president, the chief executive said that Purisima was simply providing inputs as a professional policeman, he is not in anyway directly manning the failed operation. He also added that Aquino was not a military man, so it was normal for him to ask advice from someone who can help.

Furthermore, he also said that even if Purisima wanted to decline, nobody has the right to interfere in the decision of the then president to ask advice from anyone.

“He was just asking for advice from a professional policeman. I don’t see anything wrong there,”
Duterte firmly believes that nobody should be charged because of the "failure" of the operation, as failures were part of reality and should be expected in anything, more so in military operations.

He also added that although a lot of our soldiers died in the said operations, it can still be called a success as it was able to get a finger of the Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Filipino bomb maker Abdul Basit Usman.

“It was a success because they were able to get the fingers of Marwan,”
If any, the fault of Aquino was his shortcomings, but not the failure of the operation. Duterte believed that the failed operation was the burden of Aquino but said that he understood the lack of assistance, reinforcements and support as there were women and children who might get killed.

“The shortcoming is the burden of Aquino. May shortcoming dun. There was no assistance, reinforcements, air assets, the canons which reach [the area]. But then you cannot do it because the people, the women and children there. Magkagulo tuloy. Pati ako I will object to that. I will never order an operation in a certain place that would kill [civilians],”
Duterte said that as the head of the executive the president could override, amend or even overturn the decision of any cabinet member, adding 

“The president has the privilege of being a failure and being a successful commander.”
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