Atty Bruce Rivera slays Raissa Robles again after insulting Facebook Post


An angry and indignant Atty Bruce Rivera once again articulately slammed Dilawan blogger and journalist Raissa Robles after being called bastos and "...making up false details about the Luneta bus hostage taking" among other slurs in a Facebook post last Monday, July 3.

Angry and insulted, the barrister could not wait until his plane reached Melbourne, but instead proceeded to respond to the rabidly Anti-Duterte blogger's condescending post, denying that he maligned her and challenging Robles to lodge a complaint in the IBP against him.

In the post, he detailed having proven Robles wrong in the past. He also fiercely stated that the writer "attacked like a crazy dog" and that every lawyer "knows how to deal with a mad dog running wild." This is in reference to Raissa Robles’ not having been fair to anyone connected with President Rodrigo Duterte.

In the same post, Atty. Rivera tagged several other Facebook accounts, including that of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, an obvious affront to the way Robles questioned his being a member of the IBP, touting him as bastos [uncouth; impertinent].
Here is excerpt from his fiery retort:

"I did not malign you. I called you names. Names which were apt for their resemblance to your physical features. Yes, I do ad hominem attacks to people like you. People who write to impugn. People who never apologize for malicious imputations despite the hurt you have caused. Why? Your kind do not deserve courtesy.

I called you out in anger and I was justified. The Marawi siege is ongoing. It is a sensitive issue to families of the soldiers who are still in the zone of battle who do not know the fate of their loved ones. And you bring out death tolls so you can poorly compare it with events in the past administration as a means to attack the President.

"You have a problem, Raissa. You have reached that level of apathy you are already dangerous to the Filipinos. And I hope the CBCP prays for you."

The solid Duterte-supporting lawyer's post at present is viral at almost 3K reactions and over 300 shares.

By contrast, Robles's Facebook post has over 700 reactions and 48 shares, which is about 700 and 48 more than her condescending, derogatory post deserves.

Well done, Atty. Rivera! We're right behind you!

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