Aguirre Denies Being The Fake News King


On July 5, 2017, several youth groups Akbayan Youth, the Millennials Against Dictators and other groups filed a complaint against Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II for the violation of Republic Act (RA) 6713 or supposedly spreading fake news.

RA 6713 is what we call the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. If you remember, Aguirre accused Bam Aquino, Antonio Trillanes, Ronal Llamas, and Gary Alejano and said they visited the City of Marawi before the Maute's terror attack. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a report, this was tantamount to spreading false information.

Aguirre insisted that they were planning a destabilization attack against President Rodrigo Duterte that is why all of them are from the opposition team against the administration.

When asked about his comment about the complaint he received, he just said that he has never been a king of fake news.

"I have never been a fake news king."
 As proof of his accusation, he showed a photograph of the mentioned senators having a meeting, but then was debunked when it was found out that the photo was taken last September 2015. He maintained that it was not fake new, it was a raw intelligent report. He doesn't want to validate it, and he doesn't want to make a speculation.

“First of all, that is not fake news. It is a raw intelligence report and I made clear to the media, to all of you (referring to the reporters talking to him) [that] this is mere intelligence report. I have to validate it. I do not want to make speculation.”
 And then, he placed the blame on the media outlets, accusing them of twisting the information resulting to him compromising his reputation.

“You [referring to the media] are the ones who failed to state the truth. You failed to say [in your reports] that I have a precaution that this is only an intelligence report and I have to validate it.”
What do you think? Is it Aguirre's fault? Or the media?
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