AFP Confirmed That Mocha Will Be An Army Reservist Soon


A few days ago, Juana Change, a known TV personality and activist was castigated for wearing the AFP uniform when she took part on the anti-administration while the President gave his second State of the Nation Address. As per writing, the AFP has released their statement that they are filing a formal complaint against Juana Change.

A few yellow people did not take the situation lightly and attempted to shift the blame on other people. In comes Asec. Margaux "Mocha" Uson. She was seen wearing the AFP uniform, but one that can be bought commercially. Some people tried shifting the limelight and saying if Juana Change was being called out, why then was Mocha not a target? It was said that Mocha wore the said uniform when she visited Marawi.

To answer that AFP spokesperson Brigadier General Restituto Padilla debunked the issue and cleared that Mocha did not wear a uniform when she visited Marawi City together with President Duterte.

He also added that Mocha is already in the process of becoming an army reservist. She applied to be one since she started working as a government employee.

“She was wearing a – I think one that can be bought commercially. And for your information, Asec. Mocha is in the process of being a reservist,”
 Mocha confirmed that she indeed applied to become an army reservist and added that there is nothing wrong with her wearing a uniform since as AFP Spokesperson Padilla said, she is going to be a reservist soon.

“Kung mag suot man po ako ng uniporme ng army ay tulad nga ng sinabi ni AFP Spokesperson Padilla na matagal na po naka-process ang aking papel as Army reservist.”
In Mocha's interview with Padilla, she wore an attire like what she wore in Marawi to educate the netizens about the different kinds of coumaflage attired that can be worn by ordinary citizens without violating any law.

Watch the interview here.

Lastly, Padilla said that Mocha did not violate any law because what she wore does not belong to the official uniforms of the AFP. He also added that the President can wear any military uniform he wants because he is the commander-in-chief of the AFP.

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