70 Year Old 'Lolo Peryong' Fights Abu Sayyaf with his BOLO

After the Army declared that the last of the two Abu Sayyaf has actually been reduced the effects of, tales of heroism arise from Bohol.

Yesterday, a number of local media outlets based in Bohol and also in close-by provinces brought the information that Abu Ubayda as well as Abu Asis were killed by the local authorities.

The records are questionable on the scenarios bordering the fatality of both Abu Sayyaf laggers.

But one is point clear after the smoke of the battle has cleared, the blood of Dagohoy, the Boholano hero who led the longest disobedience versus the Spaniards, still moves in the veins as well as arteries of existing day Boholanos.

According to Bohol Chronicle, a 70-year old Boholano played an instrumental role in the death of Abu Ubayda. Here’s why.

Calape police chief Sr.Insp. Cresente Gurea told reporters that when Lolo Peryong saw the fleeing Abu Sayyaf running towards the direction of his yard, the old man ran but not to hide from the Abu Sayyaf but to get his bolo and used it to attack the armed bandit.

Unfortunately, Lolo Peryong missed his mark and a scuffle between the two followed. The younger Abu Ubayda managed to disarm Lolo Peryong and used the bolo to slash the old man. The Abu Sayyaf hit Lolo Peryong with the butt of his rifle in the head and fled.

Lolo Peryong’s heroics played a crucial role in the death of the Abu Ubayda.

By engaging the bandit in a fight, Lolo Peryong slowed Abu Ubayda down, giving the police time to narrow the distance between them.

When the pursuing police caught up with Abu Abuyda, the police mowed him down with a hail of bullets to the head.

Four hours later, Abu Asis who managed to escape in the earlier encounter with the police was killed by members of the Special Weapons and Tactics Operatives.

Story has it that another local resident engaged Abu Asis in a hand to hand combat when the former noticed the bandit was unarmed.

Members of the SWAT then shot Abu Asis in the head when they caught up with him.

Netizens agreed that Lolo Peryong deserves the 1M reward promised by Pres. Duterte to civilians who will help in the capture or death of every Abu Sayyaf bandit.

Jess E Frias commented: “Give Lolo Peryong 1M for bravery and heroism under extreme conditions. And another 1M to a civilian who engaged Abu Asis in hand to hand combat.”

Dirk Llup also agreed with Jess. “LOLO PERYONG deserves the 1M reward for tipsters. (sobra pas tipster ang ka isog ni lolo)”

Laurence Sydenham remarked: “That’s a real man!”

Meanwhile, the identity of the Lolo Peryong has been withheld by the police for his security.

Source: Boholanochronicle , Pinoytrendingnews
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