Pres. Duterte gives go signal for $1-B nuke plant rehab

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi tells reporters that President Duterte has actually offered unique orders concerning the safety and safety during the awakening of the 40-year-old power facility.

President Rodrigo Duterte formerly denied the idea of revitalizing the Bataan Nuclear reactor yet now, it appears like he transformed his mind as he gave the eco-friendly light for its recovery.

“I reassured him that all of his concerns will be addressed. We are going to follow the strict measures of the International Energy Agency,” Cusi said. “He raised his concerns, and I gave him the assurance that we would not do it recklessly.” also said that Cusi gave an estimate of two to four years to get the abandoned power plant up and running — requiring about $1 billion for the completion of its rehabilitation.

Since it was originally a project back in the 1970s, a lot of the professionals included have either retired or died so Cusi admits that the government presently does not have the technological proficiency to run the plant. Those who are out of the nation will certainly additionally be requested back for this operation.

It’s interesting to see how this rehabilitation would turn out as they hope to bring it back to life and generate around 621 megawatts of electricity.

Source: Inquirer
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