Marcos camp to SC: Order Comelec to reveal contents of ‘unused’ SD cards

"On this score, and in order to guide protestant Marcos on the appropriate course of action to remedy his precarious situation, he would like to request this Honorable Tribunal to direct the Comelec to furnish him and the other interested parties in this case with copies of the Minutes of the Proceedings and/or Transcript of Stenographic Notes taken during the closure/stripping activities conducted on 26 October 2016 and 02 November 2016,” Garcia said.

The poll body accomplished the stripping activities after it determined to launch the 1,356 VCMs to Smartmatic, claiming they were not covered by the Precautionary Protective Order (PPO) released by SC. The PPO enjoins Comelec to maintain as well as guard all political election materials related to the demonstration filed by Marcos against Robredo.

Marcos' camp stated this averted the Comelec from carrying out the VCM stripping without court authorization.

In a six-page manifestation, Marcos with his guidance George Erwin Garcia claimed, "It is pleasantly prayed of this Honorable Tribunal to route the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) to equip the protestant as well as the other interested parties in this situation with ... the results of the decryption of the SD cards from (1,356) devices of contingency VCMS (vote-counting makers), which were discovered to contain data throughout the stated closure/stripping activities."

The indication was filed prior to SC acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) that is listening to the political election demonstration submitted by Marcos.

The camp of beat vice presidential prospect, previous senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. asked the Supreme Court (SC) on Friday to show the materials of the "unused" SD cards from the Could 9 polls.

Garcia said that most of the supposedly "extra" SD cards were found to have data during the removing tasks strengthened their placement that plain physical examination is not adequate to confirm that they were not made use of in the May 2016 elections.

The previous senator shed to Vice President Leni Robredo by a slim margin of 263,473 votes in the last and also main tally of enact the May 9 elections.

Inning accordance with the attorney, they declined to participate in the stripping tasks performed on October 26 as well as November 2 considering that they think that the poll body need to have safeguarded authority from the PET prior to the tasks.

Source: Philstar
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