Greco Belgica to Ombudsman:  'Yung matitino kinakasuhan nyo, yung mga kriminal pinuprutektahan nyo'

Greco Belgica lambasted anew Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales for not doing fair in penetrating PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa yet not Sen. Leila De Lima.

Belgica implicated Morales of shielding the corrupt authorities. He examined the instance of De Lima that till currently still moving slowly.

According to Belgica, the Ombudsman was protecting Sen. De Lima, PNoy, Abad, Frank Drillon, and other PORK barrel and DAP legislators.

" You have come to be the protector of the corrupt and organizations." He also added that Morales consented the corruption by disregarding to penetrate the billions of money lost in DAP, PDAF, as well as Yolanda funds.

Belgica expressed his dissatisfaction to the Ombudsman for refraining from doing anything to check out De Lima's instance. He also remembered the questionable image where it was seen in the CCTV footage, De Lima had a conference with Napoles.

Here, his last message to the visitors, "Dahil kung kurap ang hukuman, hindi aayos ang bayan at kawawa ang mga kabataan."

Read Greco Belgica full statement:

Bakit ang bilis mo kay BATO ang bagal mo kay De Lima?
Sabi mo may admission na si BATO kaya inimbistigahan mo kagad.
E pano ito, may admission na rin si DE LIMA that she committed -Adultery - with her married driver. Will you not investigate her for committing a crime?
Bakit si JOEL DISMISS kagad, si DE LIMA ni SUSPENSION wala? Can you not be more obvious, unfair, selective and bias?
Are there not pictures, accusations and videos of De Lima dealing with Napoles? Why dismiss Joel for dealing with Napoles and not even SUSPEND De Lima for doing the same?
You are an agent of change. You changed the anti graft and corruption body and turned it into the protector of the corrupt and made it the most corrupt agency in the country.
By hitting on BATO you strengthen and protect the Drug lords and criminals.
By selectively picking on the corrupt and by protecting De Lima, Pinoy, Abad and other DAP and Pork BARREL legislators you consent to corruption yourself and has become most corrupt.
Kung di mo po kaya ang trabaho, umalis ka na po dyan at hahanap po kami ng kapalit.
Hahanap ka po namin ng pwesto na wala kang kalaban at relax ka lang.
Dahil kung walang hustisya, hindi titino ang bayan, kawawa ang kabataan.

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Greco Belgica to Ombudsman:  'Yung matitino kinakasuhan nyo, yung mga kriminal pinuprutektahan nyo' Greco Belgica to Ombudsman:  'Yung matitino kinakasuhan nyo, yung mga kriminal pinuprutektahan nyo' Reviewed by Online tricks on 4:55:00 AM Rating: 5
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